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Armies on Parade: Bruvverhood of Steal

This weekend, Gamersaurus Rex had an Armies on Parade / Pot Luck dinner event. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay (it looked like a lot of fun) but because I knew about this AoP deal since last year I’ve been planning to do something for a long, looong time. Some of you might have seen it at GR, but here are some (admittedly not so great) photos of my piece, as well as the other guys that brought their stuff out to showcase.


My Orks have always been fallout themed, but I don’t take only from the fallout universe. As any proppa ork, I loot from everywhere, but I always planned to have power armor be grey, with everything else have the vault dweller blue with yellow stripes. If you search for orks in this blog, you can find many other examples of the blue and yellow pattern, but this is the first set of orks with the grey scheme.





I’ll try to show more (and better taken) photos in the weeks to come, and I’ll also resurrect Workshop Wednesday (and a few more posts in between) to show you guys all the work I did to pull off the box. I’ve seen a lot of interest in the Ork Dreadknight with the rifle, so I’ll start us off with that on Wednesday.

After I set up though, I had an opportunity to admire everyone else’s Armies on Parade too.



I’ve always liked Klet’s Eldar. That grey orange color scheme is damn striking.



Zack Ong’s Blood Ravens and Chaos were also always nice. The story in the diorama was great, and his painting has a nice gradation to it. I’m still sad that a baneblade got blown up for terrain, but as an Ork I’m glad that I got some salvage and scrap from it. Thanks, Zack!


Nick Wong also had many of his very impressive Nids on display. I’m always amazed at the gradations he can achieve, and this is apparently with army painter dip as a glaze! Super amazing and gribbly.




I’m especially blown away by YQ’s blood angels. He has no like really out there weatherng, or OSL, or conversions, but what he does is just top notch. Really clean edge highlights, really smooth color trasitions, and everything is SO NEAT. They really are the emperor’s finest.


Just look at that dreadnought!

There was also an Apocalypse game happening in the store, and I hung around for a while to appreciate the battle, mainly to admire all the conversions and terrain the ork player had as well, lol.




I really liked the claw on that stompa. It was huge.


That’s all the pictures I got this time round. I know I missed out on army. Really wish I had caught it on photo. Tune in on Wednesday for some WIP stuff!


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