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The Creepiest Dance Central Ever: Halloween 2012

Have you ever seen a plague doctor dance? It’s not a pretty sight.

Halloween was a while back, but we finally got the rest of the photos and videos, here for your entertainment. Or maybe to dance a spidery kind of dance into your weirdest dreams and nightmares. SCREAAAAAMMM.

But first maybe some background. We like to theme our Halloween get ups, and 2011 involved Dance Central. Maybe we wanted it to be a bit more traditional Halloween this year, or maybe it was just because we had some masks lying around, but Masks would be the theme for 2012. And so we got the basic masks, and spent a day decorating them, and here are the results.

More creepy photos under the cut.

Pete’s over there with the a basic casanova mask (But… WHICH ONE??).

Also, if you didn’t already know, I was the tall lanky plague doctor. Decided to go with a Victorian spin since it was a lot easier getting a suit and tophat than a cowl and wide brimmed hat.

Arissa was the cat lady.

So was Mochafrapppp (but in this photo she’s happy she gets to try out another mask).

PS: The MP was also there this year, but we didn’t get a photo. 🙁

Here’s the tail end of us giving out candy, replete with kind of creeped out kid.

And then we went walking.

Saw some pumpkins.

And threw some shadows.

Here’s an extra creepy photo. You can see me…

But did you realise that there’s two people in that photo?

And in the end… de creepified! And more Dance Central! I have to say, dancing in costume is kind of crazy. But a whole lot of fun.


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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