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STGCC Invasion@Orchard

Just this past weekend STGCC continued their PR assault with an invasion in the heart of the Singapore commercial district – right along the length of Orchard Road. Armed with red balloons, sandwich boards, pamphlets and pushcarts chock full of ice cream, they were ready to spread the good word about STGCC to the unknowing and unbelieving masses!

I reached Orchard Road at approximately 1:06pm wondering if there was going to be any sort of flash mob activity at exactly 1 pm – for some reason I had it in my head that there was going to be a flash mob dancing up and down or giving out comic books or something like that. Thankfully I was wrong – getting there the folk from STGCC dressed in red were just about ready to start their day.

Crew of all ages were there to help spread the word.

And people in costume from Movie Mania were too there to attract the crowd. We had a large number of Harry Potter cosplayers, and right here we have an unmasked Death Eater! Who obviously has someone from Star Trek under has command.

The crew weren’t just there to hand out pamphlets – they were out there trying to gauge awareness of STGCC with a simple survey. I got to fill mine only when I decided to get an ice cream, since I spent most of the time hanging on the fringes of each zone just taking a look at public response to the whole thing. Getting people in costume there was definitely a good idea, some of them attracted a sizable crowd or even a queue for photos, and kids were more than happy to run around with balloons.

And yes. Ice cream. Perfect for Saturday’s weather.

Were you there on Orchard Road on Saturday? Had fun?


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