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STGCC 2013 day 1: A Stark difference from 2012

As the dust settles from day one of the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2013, it appears that quite a few have already noticed a Stark difference from last year – that’s right, it’s a much more crowded hall than last year. While we don’t have the numbers yet, much kudos go to the crew at Reed Exhibitions for pulling off what seems to be a much bigger show this year. Not only were most of the aisles crowded as heck – even the artist’s alley could be tough to navigate.

Much also has to be attributed to the huge presence of Disney with their always-crowded giveaway booth being one of the most popular. Hourly giveaways and the chance to win tickets to a fan screening of the first episode of Agents Of Shield? Count me in! I’m also not sure if host Soo Kui Jien had ever handled a crowd like this before – at times he seemed almost exasperated as the fans clamoured for more tee shirts, and he definitely repeated questions as the day wore on. Still, I think fun was had by all, but do be safe if you pack the area tomorrow, and try not to get hurt!

The cosplayers were, on the whole, AMAZING this year. Just a few years ago we wouldn’t have imagined this – but it’s happened, and it’s beautiful. The level of detail that’s on show this year is really great, and that’s without having seen whatever is in store for day 2. The awesome Mr Freeze wins our best cosplay so far, but many of them, from the Iron Family to the elderly Fairy Godmother – there’s just so much cool cosplay to go around.

The panels were fun too (those that I could make it for at least) – but it looks like a much smaller area than last year (which is kinda ok) – but a lot of the acoustics still leave much to be desired. We might actually need a proper closed room for these, maybe next year.

Toys wise the day started with a bang as the Hot Toys queue reportedly got heated and there was even a fight. We weren’t there (well … we’re too lazy) but I’m guessing it would have been a fun sight – it’s probably on YouTube, but since we can’t find any maybe it didn’t happen. That said, Hasbro’s STGCC exclusive Metroplex has dropped S$25 to S$225 – here’s hoping we can get it for a steal. Hehe.

Anyway, if you missed out of the action yesterday, there’s lots more today, from the signings, to the panels to the cosplay competition, and let’s not forget the Marvel booth will continue to be full of hustle and bustle. See you there!

Missed Day 1? Check out the gallery below:


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  1. The Artist’s Alley was very crowded later in the afternoon! I agree with the panel venue, maybe they can have it in a closed area next year. It was really good to listen to Joe Madureira talk, but it was really hard to understand some parts because of the noise.

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