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STGCC 2010: Panels, Panels, Panels! (Friday)

If you’ve been paying close attention, you’d have realised that the panels for STGCC are multiplying by the day such that by now it’s going to be hard to go through each and every one of them. I’d still heave a sigh of relief that we don’t have the kind of issues present at San Diego Comic-Con, where all the good panels clash with each other (and there’s at least one interesting panel at each time) but even then there will be clashing, which means we have enough quality panels to be sad that we can’t go for all! And freshly announced on Facebook, the conference is going to expand into gaming, casting an even bigger net for the fans out there. Having troubles deciding what to go for? Maybe we can help!

Things are now split into the more cerebral conference and the presumably less stuffy panels to be held in theater at level 3 and halls 401&402 respectively.

Launching Friday we now have Alice Chan’s Merchandising and extending the Asterialand brand where she’ll be going to how she built Asterialand into multi-media empire. While I’m not entirely familiar with the brand, the stretch and quality of her art speaks for itself.

Next up we have Replay. 2010. The relaunch of KALKITOS by Ideas Empire featuring panelists presumably behind the Kalkitos relaunch. If you’ve never played with Kalkitos you have to be much younger than me – I loved them to bits and would be very careful in applying each and every one of them, and I do think the relaunch would be most amazing for kids, if they’d just take their eyes away from the goggle box.

Right over at the conference we’ll be having Marvel’s Hunt for Talent with CB Cebulski, which will provide insights for those hoping to break into the House of Ideas. You’re going to have to skip some of Kalkitos and the Lucasarts panel if you want to go for this!

Perhaps the new highlight for the day would be the next panel, featuring a fan favourite animation. Lucasfilm Panel – The Clone Wars: Pushing the envelope for TV. While the series did have its roots in Genndy Tartakovsky’s brilliantly animated series, the series went on into the realm of computer animation and never looked back. If I were at the panel, I’d love to ask them about working with all the various Clone Troopers and the different looks, that seems to be hell to manage.

Right as Lucasarts is wowing us with more Clone Troopers (many more where that came from), the DC panel will be starting with Gail Simone and Ivan Brandon sharing with us What’s new and upcoming at DC. With Marvel hitting STGCC with such presence, it’s nice to know that DC is also showing up and making itself count, but I wonder why this will be a conference instead of a panel. At any rate be sure to ask them how they get so much work then even while they twitter all the time.

Next we have a newly announced Spotlight on Alex Maleev, Leinil Yu and Esad Ribic. If anything you can ask 2 of them how much a pain in the ass Bendis is – and being a cover artist maybe Esad Ribic has an idea too? Getting a deeper idea as to how different artists work would be most interesting, especially since each of them come from different countries and cultures.

And that makes it all we have for Friday itself! Planning to hit the panels? Hope you have saved some time for the floor!


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