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Spot Singapore in Westworld season 3’s latest trailer

The third season of sci-fi series Westworld returns on Mar 16, and with less than a month to go, HBO has seen fit to release a new trailer. The best part of the trailer? All the parts in Singapore which appear in it! (We’re biased.)

You can check out the trailer above, and while many parts of it look like Singapore as seen through the Westworld prism, much of it is also unmistakable. Here’s a list of locations we spotted, and I’m sure, thanks to digital manipulation, there are a few more we missed.

Marina One

Perhaps the most obvious location in the trailer is Marina One, which is chock-full of crazy architecture, like the central atrium shown here:

Here’s a drone shot of it:

Another part of Marine One that shows up (blows up) is the internal facade here:

And here’s a shot of it from a Marina One promotional video, with fewer explosives:

And finally, the lobby also gets to be a star!

Here is a shot of it from Google Street View, except nothing is on fire.

This was taken from the side facing Asia Square, which explains the construction hoardings … and this little guy getting his few minutes of fame.

Oasia Hotel Downtown

But let’s take a few steps back to the front of the trailer, where we get to see Oasia Hotel Downtown amid … a whole load of other buildings which don’t really belong in Singapore. Thank you, digital effects! Wonder why they had to do it. That said Westworld doesn’t take place in Singapore 2020 after all. Many buildings can come and go in 30 years.

Here’s a look at the actual building, also an Instagram favourite:

National Gallery Singapore

Next, it’s our amazing National Gallery, where you see actors Aaron Paul and Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) conversing.

Here’s another angle of the atrium, except with a lot more art going on:

Robinson Road

A one-way road helps disguise that the cars are driving on the wrong side of the road. But those road markings! The bollards! This was shot right at the junction of Robinson Road and McCullum Street, as you can see here:

Heh, even the hoardings are the same. Which means they were driving right past Oxley Tower. That said, the roadsigns have been removed.

Republic Plaza and Ocean Financial Centre (?)

This was a little tricky … but don’t you think these two buildings behind Thandie Newton look like Republic Plaza and Ocean Financial Centre?

Here’s a shot of them from Ocean Financial Centre owner Keppel Land.

But it’s definitely weird: Ocean Financial Centre, at 245m, is 35m shorter than Republic Plaza. Which probably means scene wasn’t shot on location, as those buildings will never appear in that angle. Also, I’m not sure what bridge would have a view of the two buildings like that.

Here’s one more with “Republic Plaza” in the distance … if it is it.

There’s maybe a few more shots in there of Singapore, but it’s a bit harder to check interiors.

Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments!


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