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Update: Southeast Asia’s first-ever Star Wars Virtual Run shifts date to June

In a situation not even the Jedi could have forseen, the Star Wars Virtual Run 2020 will no longer start on Star Wars Day. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the race will now start on 15 June, and end 30 September.

It’s definitely for the best, especially since governments of the Southeast Asian countries where the race will take place have implemented various precautionary measures. Sure, you can go running in Singapore, but right now it’s best if you stay home. And as much as it’s a virtual run, none of us really want to be running indoors, I think? Good news is, you’ll now have much more time to complete the run.

Those who have registered will be notified via email about the reschedule, and all slots will remain valid during the rescheduled dates. And if the situation changes, organisers say they might change the dates again. Fingers crossed!

And yes, it’s not too late to register for the run if you want one of those medals.

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While gathering in large groups right now might not be ideal, there’s no reason to keep moving. Now, Singapore’s – and Southeast Asia’s – first-ever virtual run is set to take place, allowing you to clock some miles away from the crowds and still get that participation medal.

Set to begin on May the 4th this year, the Star Wars Virtual Run will run till 31 May 2020, and participants in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will get the entire block of time to clock their distance.

Held in collaboration with social fitness app LIV3LY, the Star Wars Virtual Run starts on May the 4th, 2020, and will run till 31 May 2020. Using the app, runners can choose to run solo in the 5.4km or 40km category, while duos can run 40km in a Group of Two. You can choose to complete the entire distance at one go, or break it up over the period of time.

Simply put, if you can move 2km a day, 40km should be no problem. You can complete your run on any running path, including treadmills.

The entrance fee for the 5.4km run is set at S$25, while the 40km run is set at S$40. Finishing your run will net you a silver trophy (from the light or dark side, depending on which you choose when you sign up). Those who finish 40km will also get an additional The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Trophy. Any Trophy will be mailed to you via your registered address, and postage is included in the entrance fee.

Registration starts now till 30 May 2020, through the MOVE by LIV3LY app (App Store and Google Play). You’ll have to activate the MOVE Run Tracker in the app before you can record your distance.

The app will also feature limited-edition merchandise on sale, including STAR Wars Pass Holder and Mobile Phone Stand – all exclusive to Southeast Asia.

So if the Force is strong within you, why not take part in the run with Star Wars fans from around the region? You can find out more about the Star Wars Virtual Run here:


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