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The Geekly News: 28 May 2010

The Straits Times has some interesting news regarding the beloved creators of the Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft realms (also, herder of Lost Vikings amongst other things) – that an office in Singapore is in the works. It’s obvious from reading it that it’s going to be a basic technical support office, with the additions of servers here to help gamers reduce lag… too bad, then, for people who want to work in game design for Blizzard? Maybe down the line they can do a Lucasarts and we can have a creative branch here. Who knows?

(If the image doesn’t work for you, there’s a short version of it here on The Straits Times online which pretty much says everything.)

Also in other interesting news, the Licence2Play gaming convention is on right now at the Singapore Expo till 30th May. It’ll be mostly games, quite a few MMORPGS and it sounds like there’ll be a small toy showcase by The Falcon’s Hangar. Starcraft II and the preorders will be there. Sounds like it should be interesting to go down! But also, tons of consumer electronics will be there (as usual), so we’ll have to go down to see how the convention is really like.

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