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That week in geek: Singaporeans at SDCC

If you don’t figure it out at the end – we’re playing catch up with the local geek news. We have a few more coming along, and figured it was still important as we do as many overseas readers who want to have a feel of the geek pulse in Singapore. Read on! (“Read On!” is our battle cry, that’s how we roll. Unless it’s dice. Then it’s “slice and dice!”)

With the San Diego Comic-Con just slightly more than a month away, those of us without the opportunity to go (i.e. me) can only look upon those with the wherewithal – some of us (i.e. me) wistfully remembering trips past. For all the comments that Comic-Con has sold out, that it’s gone mainstream, that it’s just a mindless money grab, in the end, it doesn’t really matter – us geeks will find a way to celebrate even within the confines of a larger festival.

So when local lifestyle and travel reporter Nicholas Yong from Life! send out a call for Singaporean making their way down to geek-mecca, it looks like he got at least 10 responses. Given how tricky it can be to get tickets, I’d say that was a pretty darn healthy number (when we went down in 2010, we had erroneously thought we were the only Singaporeans there, though it sure felt like it). After all, it’s not called Comic-Con International for nothing.

It’s a pretty great writeup for those who have no clue what SDCC is about – touching on the mad rush for tickets, what goes on at the show, things people go there to see, so if you have no idea what it’s like at SDCC this might give you a nice preview. I’d just like to add that for me what really impressed me wasn’t so much the panels (which were a blast, I actually was there at the first ever Community panel XD), but the show floor, with tons of artists doing sketches, and with some of the stars just happily walking along to their signing. That’s when Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth from Fringe) waved and said hi to me (*dreamy drool*) as the rest of the Fringe cast walked right past. Literally a metre away from me.

Also cool: Stuff outside the convention. I missed on Nerd HQ the last time (I was too damn tired to go) and the Tron arcade, but went for the Scott Pilgrim Experience and the amazing w00stock. There’s tons to see, and with this year’s zombie walk, there’s really too much to do. Suffice to say, you don’t even need a ticket to SDCC to enjoy SDCC.

For more of our own SDCC coverage, check out the posts tagged SDCC here. For the time we were actually there (which feels like eons ago) we have our SDCC diaries that we never really finished. Cos if you do plan to do so – let’s just say it’ll be epic.

So if you’re headed down – have a swell time! And if you’re not: There’s always next year. Plan ahead! Wish I were there …


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