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STGCC – more surprise guests? Updated: Alex Maleev confirmed

Just a few minutes ago STGCC posted a short update on their facebook: “Do you know Alex Maleev”? This could be construed in many ways, maybe they just want to know about the collective comic book knowledge of their fans (they should have asked for someone less high profile then), or maybe they wanted to tell us “well, his collaborator Brian M Bendis is coming down!” I’d just do the safe thing which worked the last time (2/3 success anyway) and assume that Alex Maleev is coming down for STGCC.

And that is big news. Alex Maleev really hit the limelight when he teamed with Bendis on a long and successful Daredevil run, after which they worked together successfully on many other titles, just finishing on Spider-Woman this year. His dark edgy style was a prefect fit for Daredevil, and I believe that’s the work which will remain etched in the collective memories of his fans. These days Bendis and Maleev are working on Scarlet – and that promises to be a blast. Of course, I’d repeat this doesn’t mean a confirmation, but it sounds pretty much like a confirmation.

Looking at the STGCC website shows that Ivan Brandon and Esad Ribic have been confirmed for STGCC (Ivan Brandon was playing coy with us just the other day) Lenil Yu is still missing from the page, but Simone Legano, creator of Tokidoki, has been confirmed.

I’m guessing the guest list is still up to being changed, but this is still getting more exciting by the day. And let’s not forget Anime Alliance Philippines, Shift magazine and IdN have been announced as their media partners, presumably for the anime and toy sections of the con.

Wonder if they need one for the comic section…

UPDATE: STGCC has confirmed the appearence of Alex Maleev in further comments on their facebook page. His profile, however, like Lenil’s has not been included on the official website. Also, does anyone think they should do a little polishing on those profile pages?


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