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STGCC Media Preview: A quick look

So it was an ultra super fun time at the media preview. It’s a little late so we’ll go long-story short here, and end with pictures.

Firstly I have to say that this year’s media preview was way more crowded that last year’s. In fact the round tables got pretty crazy because of that. If anything I gotta say that I’m really proud of what Reed have managed – give that this is the first time the Singapore team is flying solo. Kudos! Anyway, here’s the gang we had for the main panel – Andy Diggle, Leinil Yu and Tristan Eaton. It was a nice simple chat that got the crowd warmed up, before both Leinil and Tristan got up to do their separate art pieces while Andy Diggle planned for some words.

Leinil did Singapore’s own superhero (well, other than Jenny Quantum, VR-Man, Salvation Sam and these folk) – inspired by the merlion and having the Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop. I don’t think he was really named – but it was really, really cool. And Andy Diggle came up with a catch-phrase of sorts on the spot, which he got Leinil to letter:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is our very own “Imperious Rex!”

Tristan was at the other end of the room doing his own art piece inspired by “death and beauty”. Macabre? Perhaps – but you can actually win the art piece in a raffle. That’s just amazing. We did a roundtable with Tristan that I hope to transcribe soon, very illuminating, and a great interview indeed.

And here’s Andy after Melvin gave him a Zentraedi battle pod. Ladies and gentlemen, how Melvin saved a dad’s life.

So feel free to browse through the photos below, especially since you’ll get a glimpse at tons of the exclusive goodies STGCC has in store – and also pics of the cosplayers.

See you in 9 hours!


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