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STGCC Day 3: The Photoblog

It’s 3am over here, and while the clarion call of the bed is warm and inviting, we do have to post the pictures of STGCC 2010’s third and final day before retiring for the night (or some would say morning). Today was just as fun as yesterday, with just as many sketches, signings and informative panels as Saturday. And with the surprise reveal that Leinil Yu is perhaps a lot more awesome than we first thought!

We started off with some great panels, with toy designers like Tim Tsui, Jason Siu, and the Devilrobots team, as well as artists like Tan Eng Huat, Phil Yeh and Simpsons great Phil Ortiz.

There were also still chances to grab last minute sketches and signings by the artists in STGCC.

And finally a wrap up to everything with a talk in the National Library with Matt Fraction, Salvador Larocca and Leinil Yu!

Oh, and Leinil Yu mentioned something that forever made Matt his fan, and reminded everyone how awesome he was (and how Leinil Yu might have been at one point in time literally the coolest person on earth). Maybe Matt will mention the details…

UPDATE: Yes it seems like Leinil Yu used to be in a rock band called ‘The Marty McFlys’. And drew Superman at the same time. A comic book rock star? Probably the most awesome thing in the world.

If you guys feel like you missed out, Harvey Tolibao is also doing a similar talk with the NLB on December 21st. Don’t miss it.

In the end though, everyone had loads of fun in STGCC, and will be heading back home for some much deserved rest.

We at HereBeGeeks really hope that we will be able to meet all the awesome people again next year. Not just the comic and toy celebs, but also the fans, the volunteers, the Singaporean and local artists and creators. You guys are what made STGCC 2010 awesome, and will be what makes the next STGCC even more awesome.


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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  1. Oh no! How could I missed that Comic Marvels panel?! >_< It seems fun! What did Leinil said? You make me curious…

    Great pictures as usual, btw!

  2. Awesome coverage. We surely missed this year’s STGCC way better than our first trip there last year.

    Will add you all to our link. Have a good one.

  3. Leinil mentioned that he was part of an indie band back home in the Philippines called “Marty McFly”. They’d hang out and jam together from time to time. Leinil humbly continued that their music was “Weezer”-like with about 400 fans. At this point Matt’s head explodes and declares that it was now officially 401 fans strong. Room erupts in laughter and applause.

    1. And that was probably the most awesome part of the talk. Salvador Larocca and Leinil Yu also had a lot of good info for the aspiring comic book artist.

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