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Gail Simone for STGCC?

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention (honestly it’s too much to type out each and every time, SDCC works fine for the mass media extravaganza) released a press statement on the 5th of October confirming their guests, and have also since updated their website to feature their walk of fame, basically showing that the majority of the US based guests will have left by Sunday. Do plan your days of attack properly! While we’re glad that it appears that the mess with Gatecrash is now behind them, it makes us even happier to know that they have still be sending feelers out for more guests, and one just blipped really loud on the radar – Gail Simone.

It all started with an already suspicious tweet today from good old Gail Simone herself, directed to our very good weekly guest blogger Sarah Coldheart, she of the merlion gifting fame.

@GailSimone: “@sarahcoldheart are you going to the Singapore toy and game event?” (By now the alarm bells were ringing)

@sarahcoldheart: “@GailSimone Yes! Of course! I’m going to be there on all three days… hopefully as Mystique and a character from Witchblade on the days.”

@GailSimone: “@sarahcoldheart good, I didn’t want the merlon to have to go fetch you.” (we know she means Merlion! Exciting!)

@sarahcoldheart: “@GailSimone !!! So I would ASSUME you’re coming? (cue in legions of SG comic fans on my t-list reading this convo freaking out).” (Cue freaking out over here)

@GailSimone: “@sarahcoldheart I am quite certain I am not sure what you are talking about. Good DAY, miss! ;)”

And that ends the exchange. Of course, judging by the very coy Ivan Brandon’s previous denial of such affairs, we can then assume that Gail Simone is coming down too! Unlike Marjorie Liu, who straight out said she was too busy to come.

Did you know that Gail has the most awesome picture of Catman as her twitter background?

Also, where can we find tons of spare YOG Merlys to give to our guests?


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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