Frank Cho returns for STGCC 2018

We’ve barely stepped into 2018 and the first “guest announcement” for the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2018 has been made. Kinda. It’s not from the organisers themselves, but artist Frank Cho has let the cat out of the bag by releasing a (not final) list of this convention appearances this year. And it includes STGCC!

FRANK CHO's 2018 COMIC CONVENTION SCHEDULE (Not final)Okay, gang. People been asking for my 2018 con schedule. Here…

Posted by Frank Cho on Thursday, 4 January 2018

The artist – who’s well known for bombshells, apes, dinosaurs and controversy – will be back to Singapore, after his first appearance last year. I’m guessing this means that he had a good convention last year. He was more than willing to answer fan questions, whether during his sketch panel – where he wondered why people kept asking him to draw Wolverine. (To be fair, Wolverine was his quick-sketch of choice for those who asked him for one at his table.)

I have to admit, despite all his uncensored remarks, Cho was always forthcoming about his work, and often wryly so, such as when he was asked why New Ultimates (if I recall correctly) was delayed. He started off by saying it wasn’t … before realising that his divorce was probably a factor. Honest, no-holds-barred – definitely quite a treat for his fans.

Wonder what else 2018 will bring!

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention returns September 8-9. More details to come … much later!

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