Disney and Marvel bring the goods at STGCC

Photo: GnB Comics Facebook
Photo: GnB Comics Facebook

Disney and Marvel are pulling out all the stops (relatively speaking) for things year’s Singapore Toy, Games And Comic Convention: Special guests Cort Lane and CB Cebulski will be coming with 3 amazing shows in tow: Joss Whedon’s Agents Of SHIELD, Thor: The Dark World and Phineas And Ferb: Mission Marvel.

Cort Lane’s the VP of Development and Production at Marvel Television, and most recently he’s been in charge of the amazing Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. CB Cebulski’s an all-round amazing guy who mostly talent scouts for new Marvel art talent – he’s also done some writing, and is an amazing foodie.

We did tease this earlier:

And now it’s confirmed, and I’m pretty hyped!

No details yet as to what exactly bringing the shows in will involve – we’re HOPING to at least catch the Agents of SHIELD premiere. Watch this spot!

And yes: STGCC’s got game – You’ll get to take a look at the recently release Disney: Infinity, a collectible figurine game. It’s very cool: Check out the preview here by TODAY writer Alvin Chong.


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