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Sentosa Sandsation: Marvel Edition arrives at Siloso Beach this September

It truly is the year of Marvel. This year alone, apart from seminal films in the universe, we’ve had entire museums, countless TV series and conventions devoted to the subject, and yet still the tap never seems close to running dry. We know you, just like us, still can’t get enough of Marvel and its offerings, and if you’ve ever thought – why hasn’t anyone created a six-metre tall sand-bust of Thanos? – boy, do we have news for you.

Starting from the 1st of September until the 16th, Siloso Beach will be home to 3,000 square metres of gloriously sculpted sand. And what sets this year’s Sentosa Sandsation apart from other years is that every single sand exhibit is thematically linked to the Marvel universe in some way or other.

Spidey welcomes you to Sentosa Sandsation: Marvel Edition! Credit: Daryl Chow

There are 15 larger-than-life (read: absolutely huge) sculptures of your favourite Marvel characters. You can probably guess which characters were paid grainy homage to (hint: pretty much all the ones with movies named after them), but there could be a surprise or two in store (sadly, no appearance by Sandman himself).

Asgard, prior to Ragnarok. Prior to The Dark World. Asgard gets destroyed a lot. (Credit: Daryl Chow)

The ones that stood out to us: Spider-Man swooping by the NYC skyline, local sculptor JOOheng Tan’s Iron Man hovering over a colossal cloud of artistic sand-smoke, and a six-metre tall replica of fantastical yet futuristic Asgard with Thor patrolling the horizon.

An Iron Man ego sculpture by JOOheng Tan, the size of Tony Stark’s ego (Credit: Daryl Chow)

We also saw the 14 world-class sculptors solidly at work carving out their creations which will all vie for the Golden Shovel. These will be ready for public viewing on the 3rd of September, but you can watch these sculptures take shape over the next few days if you were so inclined.

Discover which Marvel Superhero you are! SPOILER: There’s a 90% chance you’re male. (Credit: Daryl Chow)

Besides getting awestruck by the sheer scale of sand, there are a number of other Marvel-themed activities you can partake in. You can live out your green-monster-sized dreams by donning Hulk gloves and sending Richter-scale tremors over the landscape. At the Hero Action Centre, you can fill in a questionnaire that pairs you up with a Marvel character that matches your personality the most.

Ever imagined Singapore to be the battleground of the Avengers? You can pick up a customized Singapore-themed Marvel comic book featuring exactly that. Also, remember that iconic 360 degree pan shot of the Avengers? You too can relive that moment together with your friends at the Freeze Frame Station and take home an epic commemorative photo. Lastly, if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at creating your own sand sculptures, you can sign up for 1-hour long workshops guided by world-class professionals.

Future world-class sand sculptors! (Credit: Daryl Chow)

So while we’re still in 2018 and still solidly in the world of Marvel, why not come down to Siloso Beach and let yourself get engulfed by the creativity and plain awesomeness of Marvel sand art? The next time you hit the beach, you may be inspired to mould your own Infinity Gauntlet out of sand.

Sentosa Sandsation opens today, 1 September to 16 September at Siloso Beach. Entry to Sentosa is free during this period.

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