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Doujima is back in 2023!

After a three-year hiatus, Doujin Market (Doujima), Singapore’s largest celebration of art, illustration, and independent creator culture, returns even bigger and better than ever!

With the theme “Through adversity, art endures!”, Doujima’s 8th edition lauds the tenacity and perseverance of the global creator community, and continues to uplift artists, cosplayers, designers, and illustrators by empowering them with even more opportunities to be inspired.

With over 400 creators spanning 11 countries, event attendees not only will be spoiled for choice in finding the best representation of their favourite manga or anime done in self-published fanart form but also through the medium of cosplay with cosplay creators also attending – a feature-rich event that pays homage to the original mangakas and animation studios.

“It’s been a long time coming. We managed to prevail, and even grow, thanks to numerous creators and supporters who believed in and stuck it out with us in the past three years,” said Jason Koh, founder and producer of Doujin Market. “We are excited to once again bring everyone together in the spirit of ‘doujin’, to create, and to geek out together.”

And prevail Doujima has – having had to postpone the event for three years due to the pandemic after having arranged exhibitor and booths in early 2020. The wait has been long but from what we’ve heard – it will be worth it.

Taking place on 6th & 7th May at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre – Hall 403 & 404, the Doujima has doubled its floor size and included new & relevant surprises in its offerings, showcasing even more of what the local & regional (I’ve heard there might be some international) doujin community has to offer.

This year, Doujima has also included vtuber showcases from Avernative Production who will be presenting VD:0, Singapore’s first homegrown virtual creator team, and panels to help aspiring virtual creators take their first step as well as Merryweather Media, which will have their founder’s vtuber persona, Lucius Merryweather take the stage for a panel session.

Admission to Doujima is ticketed, and chargeable at $10 for a Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday), or $18 for a Weekend Pass (both days) with tickets only available on Eventbrite at Ticket holders are eligible to receive $10 in game credits sponsored by Timezone, redeemable at the convention.

So if you’ve got some free time this May, be sure to drop by Suntec on 6th & 7th May and you might just find yourself leaving with bagfuls of your favorite anime or manga-related fan-created content. I know that’ll happen for me and my friends!

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