SingaHeroes Kickstarter now benefits migrant workers

UPDATE: The original campaign was unfortunately not able to meet its ambitious goals, but if you still want to enjoy the comic, please back the new, leaner (and successfully funded!) Kickstarter campaign.

Local Kickstarter campaign SingaHeroes will pledge 100% the profits of their special “COVER-19” edition to benefit ItsRainingRaincoats, an initiative for the benefit of migrant workers.

COVER-19 edition, art by Tasha Leah Santiago

To back the campagin at the COVER-19 edition tier only costs $28, the same as the regular edition or the blank cover edition, but unlike the latter two, will be a Kickstarter-exclusive. That means you not only get a limited edition cover, but you can do your part to benefit a community that has long been “invisible”.

The campaign as a whole will be contributing a portion of the profits to ItsRainingRaincoats, but by backing the COVER-19 edition tier specifically, you can be sure that your pledge will have the greatest effect.

But of course, that is if the campaign is successful.

The SingaHeroes Kickstarter campaign has only 18 days to go…

… but needs $13,521 more. With a good start of 41 backers as of this writing, the campaign now needs YOUR help to become a success!

SingaHeroes is a 100-page comic book anthology of 13 stories of original superheroes created by almost 20 Singaporean talents and Malaysian -based artist Zehe Abdul Rahman.

The anthology covers almost every genre of superheros, from the classic superhero Crimson Star, to Medallions (inspired by epic 80’s space adventures), to Orang Kaiju (self-explanatory) and of course Sentai-homage Majulah Operators.

Also, there are cats.

Kucinta by Hijanah Hernandez and Tasha Leah Santiago

’nuff said.

Expect to see lots of familiar names!

With the SingaHeroes Kickstarter campaign jointly organised by The Fandom Menace and CS Comics, the anthology is unsurprisingly headlined by Ryan Mennan, who has been developing concepts for local superheroes for as long as HereBeGeeks has been around!

Ryan is the brains behind Crimson Star, which had a successfully funded Ashcan campaign back in 2018, as well as Scalemail & Ixora. In addition to his collaborators at The Fandom Menace, Ryan has also roped in Jedd Jong, Joshua Simon, Fauzi Azzhar & Mark Kinoshita, and David Goh to contribute to SingaHeroes. Don’t recognise the names at first? Just Google them, then go…. “Oh, THAT guy!”.

We’re also happy to see our good friend Samarasketch among the anthology’s creators! She did an 8-page comic featuring Scalemail & Ixora, giving the characters a much more accessible and enticing revamp! (I personally like these designs so much more then their original ones!)

Scalemail & Ixora by Ryan Mennen and Samara Gan

Best of all, the story features an appearance from another good friend of ours, Grand Master Azmi of FightSaber! We won’t give away the plot, but here’s a couple of panels with art by Samarasketch.

Scalemail & Ixora meet Grand Master Azmi of FightSaber, art by Samara Gan (Samarasketch)

(I would pay $28 just to read this story alone!)

But also discover new talent!

What I love about this project is how it gives us the opportunity to discover a whole new generation of talent in Singapore. Take cover artist Tasha Leah Santiago, for example. She’s 17-years-old and creating art that’s just mind-blowingly awesome.

Art by Tasha Leah Santiago

In addition to the cover, she’s collaborating on Kucinta (that adorable cat!) as well as SingaFist, a story about the avatar of the forgotten Singaporean martial art. She’s also the colorist for Crimson Star‘s story.

Again, this project needs your help to succeed!

Ryan’s a firm believer that comic book creators deserve to be paid a fair wage, and with almost 20 names behind this 100-page anthology, it’s not surprising that this Kickstarter campaign needs $15,888 to be executed.

If it just relied on the $28 tiers for the physical copies, the campaign would need 483 more backers! That’s why they’re offering higher-value tiers.

For $55, you can get the SG55 Hardcover Limited Edition. This is limited to a total of 146, and features a wrap-around cover by guest artists from local industry stalwart Collateral Damage Studios.

For $88, you can get one of the featured artists to work on your Blank Sketch edition! This option is limited to just 33 backers! In my totally biased opinion, get Samarasketch to do it, and it’ll be worth more than $88 in no time.

For $201, you get the complete collector’s package – the Special Post-Bicentennial Limited Edition. You get the Regular Edition, the COVER-19 Edition, the Blank Sketch Edition, the Blank Sketch Edition with a Sketch, the Hardcover Limited Edition, all in a one-of-a-kind slipcase with original wrap-around art by Collateral Damage Studios! That’s at least worth $250, so $201 is a bargain. And that’s why there’s only a total of 55 available.

There are more tiers, obviously, but you should go to the Kickstarter campaign page to check them out. Support local comics creators, especially when they’re creating superheroes for you!

Peter Lin

His teenage years spent nursing a giant man-crush on Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, Peter naturally found himself drawn to many other heroes who depicted strong, manly qualities, including the honour-bound warrior Worf, first Klingon in Starfleet, and the muscular rock hard abs of The Thing.

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