New Warcraft: The Beginning trailer gets us ready for Jun 9

It’s just barely a month away, and here comes a new Warcraft movie trailer knocking on our doors. Before you can say “Ready for action!”, its best to check out the latest trailer, released by UIP Singapore.

If you’re wondering, yes the Warcraft movie will be known as Warcraft: The Beginning around these parts (outside of America). This is good news, as it shows that Legendary is really hoping for Warcraft to be their next super-franchise, after the “here’s how we print money” Lord Of The Rings / Hobbit series. Hopefully it also signals enough awareness of Warcraft around the region that they instantly know that there’ll be hunger for more.

Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code), Warcraft: The Beginning will see the humans and the orcs enter an uneasy alliance. Fans of the franchise will definitely be able to recognise quite a few characters, as well as the good old top-down isometric views). Jones himself has been sharing some behind-the-scenes photos featuring huge practical sets, so here’s hoping that the love and dedication put into it really shows in the final movie.

The Warcraft universe has been around since 1994, and more than 20 years on, it’s great to see everything brought to the big screen. Sure, the franchise is not quite as popular as it was as the height of World Of Warcraft (and some DOTA – or even LoL – players might not even know much about Warcraft III), but it’ll be nice to dip my toes back into Azeroth without worrying about losing my social life forever.

Warcraft: The Beginning comes out in theatres Jun 9. A day ahead of the US!


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