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Nanowrimo Singapore! (Updated!)

Nanowrimo Singapore hits us, well, in November! If you don’t know about it yet, Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month, in which people all over the world pick up their pens, word processors, or what have you and set about writing a 175 page (50,000 word) Novel. Sounds like a tough thing? Given the amount of difficulty we have to regularly churn out blogposts – I’d say for people like me it’ll be nigh-impossible. Still, we have 349 from Singapore signed up this year, a huge 61% increase over last year, and so I must say this year’s Nanowrimo in Singapore might turn out very well indeed.

What’s even more exciting is what the crew at Nanowrimo Singapore (including our esteemed guest, Sarah Coldheart) is holding a grand launching ceremony at the National Library for everybody who’s interested – especially with this year’s theme being especially relevant – “Superheroes (Graphic Novels)”. The poster on the right gives all the basic information you need – it’s going to be held this Saturday Oct 30 at 630pm, and it’s going to be free to enter. Else, you can read the post here for fully fleshed details. (Strangely the other poster lists the theme as “Graphic Novels and of speculative fiction Discussion.” but I guess we can just assume Superheroes, which is a lot easier to say.)

They’re also launching their new book – Bubble G.U.M., a science fiction story where both boys and girls have to serve national service in Singapore. Obviously the book isn’t launched yet, so you’re going to have to pick it up (at a discounted price at launch) at the National Library to find out more. Sarah herself mentions it a little in her nanowrimo blogpost here.

Thinking of going and setting aside your Saturday? A pity, then, that the size of their venue has already been filled to the brim, based on RSVPs alone (not a surprise, given the signups for Nanowrimo this year), so this means that if you actually want to sit in on the discussion you have to hope tons of people decide not to show up or decide to leave early (after getting a goody bag I guess?) A little too late to get alternative locations, I’m guessing, and even then, with a small crew I doubt they’d want to have to handle too much of a crowd.

Still, if you have the time, you might want to show up and give support for the Bubble G.U.M. book launch – but do be careful, the library will turn away people if it gets just too crowded, since it is, after all, a library. And of course, you can always show your support for Nanowrimo Singapore by signing up for Nanowrimo and giving a shot at writing your novel – or even donating, as Nanowrimo is a non-profit organisation that could always do with some help.

To all those participating this year – you’re a brave crowd, and may the words flow!

The word on the street is that you should try to come down to support it, as not everybody might turn up – just have a backup plan that night.


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