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Nanowrimo Singapore 2010 Launch

We’re already into day 3 of the writing process, and I’m sure many of the writers have already either got going or are in the process of merging their head with the table. Since our good friend Sarah Coldheart was one of the municipal liaisons (MLs) for this year’s Nanowrimo (and with the focus on superheroes), I thought I’d make our way down for this year’s launch part for Nanowrimo 2010 in Singapore. Held in the National Library, this year’s Nanowrimo is the largest yet, with at least 1655 entrants and by the end of November that number should have increased. I’d gotten to the library early at 6pm (actually entering the library right behind the nano crew), and so I spent the time reading Alan Moore’s classic “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow” while I waited for the event to start. People trickled in, and by about 635pm our municipal liaisons (ML) Sarah Coldheart and Raven Silvers got the day’s program going!

The launch really served to highlight the intricacies of Nanowrimo, encourage those starting off for the first time, and really just to have a good time. Prizes were given out constantly, with lots of audience participation with random quizzes (with random questions) and surprise rubber duckie prizes. The whole affair was pretty informal especially since there was cake. Cake makes everything informal (except for formal cake). There was a short break where we just milled around and also took some time with the launch of Bubble G.U.M., before we got down to the prizes for best costume.
The theme of the discussion was to be Superheroes, but somehow everybody really just got down to chatting about what crossed their mind – and also convincing Sarah Coldheart to cosplay as Starro for STGCC. She’s already in the midst of plans, so that’s going to be pretty exciting. I covered a bit of what’s going on in STGCC, but after that the conversations pretty much went whichever way they wanted.
I know I had a lot of fun – meeting up and putting names to faces, especially for those I wouldn’t have met if not for this blog. I might not be partaking in Nanowrimo this year, but seeing the crowd there all raring to have a go at writing 50000 words was very heartening, especially with the family of four which came together.
That – and this little girl here who’s all about starting young.
Thinking of starting? It’s not too late – best get going!


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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