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Mark Torres invades Singapore: The updates!

In case you were wondering what happened to Mark Torres while he was on his way to invade Singapore – we now have updates to the contest.

First up, here are the contest rules:

1. The Invasion! stickers (pictured above) are posted around town.
2. Contestants may join this promo by hunting down the stickers, taking pictures with the stickers and then uploading the pictures to Facebook.
3. They must like this page and also tag both themselves and Invasion on the photos.

4. First 10 to find any sticker will win a prize (will it be a TMNT Munny?). One per contestant, and if its been uploaded you can’t post the same pic again.
5. Winner will get a free sketch From Mark on the event

Next: Event details update! Mark Torres will be at the store
Mar 9 (Fri) – 5pm till 9pm
Mar 10 (Sat) – 2pm till 5pm

And if you want to know more about Mark, here’s a quick writeup:

Mark Torres doesn’t sleep. Much. Various stints in graphic design and illustration keep him from a normal life.

Growing up weaned on 80s cartoons, comics and toys have led him to pursue art, and eventually as a comics artist. He notes Alex Toth, Sergio Toppi, Mike Mignola and Ashley Wood as his big inspirations, along with filmmakers David Fincher, Chris Nolan, JJ Abrams and the Master, Bruce Lee.
He describes his style as graphic, experimental and always evolving, mixing traditional and digital tools and approaches to create the best results possible. Music, coffee and booze are some of his best buddies, especially during those long hours slaving over pieces.

1. Infestation 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1-2 (IDW Publishing)

2. Zombies vs Robots: Undercity #1-4 (IDW Publishing)
3. HOPE: Hero Initiative (Ronin Studios)
4. Liquid City vol 2 (Image Comics)
5. Fear Agent #29 (Dark Horse Comics)
6. Zombies vs Robots: Aventures #1 pin-up(IDW publishing)
7. The Roberts TPB pin-up (Image Comics)
8. Hope: New Orleans (Ronin Studios)

See you at Invasion!


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