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Here’s a photo of Nikki Muller in Westworld

If you’re up to date, you’d have caught the (cyberpunk) Singapore flag flying high in the latest episode of HBO’s Westworld! After a dearth of Singapore in episode 3, (at least) three Singapore-based actors got their chance to shine in episode 4.

Of course, you see Nikki Muller in the shot above, but Bobby Tonelli also made an appearance in the same scene. (Ask me about my Bobby Tonelli anecdote when you see me in person!) Meanwhile, Salif Hardie also had a quick scene in the Atlas Bar scene as a waiter.

HBO Asia previously announced that several Singapore-based talent were involved in this season of Westworld. They include Tuen Wai Meng (“128 Circle”, “Neighbours” <芝麻绿豆>), Salif Hardie (“Lion Mums 3”, “Azam dan Johan”), Nikki Muller (“SeNT”, “FAM”), Cheryl Chitty Tan (“Faculty”, “Derek”) and Bobby Tonelli (“Fighting Spiders”, “Cages”). So I wonder if that means they’ve all made their appearance?

Tuen Wai Meng – who some may know as Duan Weiming – was the scene-stealing uncle in the first episode, when Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) went to Palawan by way of Pulau Ubin. The actor, who you might remember from his SBC days, has a great interview with 8 Days here.

You would have seen Cheryl in the first episode at Stadium MRT, and she’s also shared a wonderful anecdote of her time filming on Instagram.

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This is Jonathan Nolan wearing a Good Morning towel around his neck. Filming on the MRT is a big challenge – we all handed our passports over and had special tags to get in there. Not everyone in the crew was allowed in, and they could only film on the train between two stations. So we'd get on the train, run the scene, run to reset, do it again, get off the train, ride back one stop and do it again. The crew and Mr. Nolan (or Jonah, as they call him) were hyper focused. The cameraman said this was not how the show usually was (trailers, catering) but they all seemed to think the challenge was really fun. The director took care to check in on me, which I really appreciated cos I spent a lot of time feeling a bit like a headless chicken. The camera swung back and forth, and there were some long shots so there was a lot of rushing to get behind it and not be in the shot – we followed Jonah like we were in a weirdly intense conga line, off the train, across the platform, back on the train, hang tight while waiting for the next train, RUSH BACK ON. And it was like 8pm so there were actually commuters in there. So. Much. Fun. One thing that struck me – one of the costume people remarked that this show was the kind of project you get into the business for. Quality, precision and passion – a really fulfilling artistic experience for everyone involved. Hearing Hollywood people talk like that made me think we had more in common than I thought. These projects are rare, and must be savoured. Bonus points to this man for trying to be my height.

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Several Singapore locations have also featured, including a wonderful walk from Orchard Road directly into Chinatown by Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton). HBO Asia have also confirmed the following filming locations:

  1. Atlas Bar
  2. Chinatown (Food Street)
  3. Esplanade Park
  4. Helix Bridge
  5. LASALLE College of the Arts
  6. Marina One
  7. Marina Coast Expressway (MCE)
  8. National Gallery Singapore
  9. Oasia Hotel Downtown
  10. Orchard Road
  11. PARKROYAL on Pickering
  12. Pulau Ubin
  13. Robinson Road
  14. School of the Arts (SOTA)
  15. Stadium MRT station

Four more episodes of Westworld’s third season remain, and after the amazing reveal in episode 4 (and that wonderful cover of The Weeknd’s Wicked Games), so consider us hooked for what comes next!



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