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Gatecrash vs STGCC (Updated!)

STGCC 2010 LogoIt looks like there has to be some negative news for for all the positive press so far, especially for events of this magnitude, so today we’ve been getting word of weird news concerning the ticketing for the Singapore Toys Games & Comic Convention. Long story short – some folks have been getting their tickets for the event, except the tickets they’ve received have now been considered void. They will, as the email sent to them explains, be getting replacements.

We at HereBeGeeks have not received any of our tickets yet (and now I’m worried about that) so it’s hard to verify everything, but this comes from a source we definitely trust. There’s also been some complaints on their facebook page. It’s definitely not a big deal, if they’re getting replacements, but since this is supposed to be Reed Expo, fresh off the successful and recently concluded NYCC, it’s weird to have such technical problems, especially since ticket sales were announced months ago. However, looking at the team I wonder if any of them had any insights into any of the foreign huge cons since it appears to be a very local team. Not saying that none of them have any convention experience, but STGCC is trying to be a HUGE thing this year, so we do need good and passionate people at the top.

What’s worse, however, is what their choice of ticketing partner has done. EXCEPTional Pte Ltd now runs Gatecrash, a ticketing solution and alternative to the gargantuan Sistic. It’s probably not their fault if STGCC decides to change the ticket design, but they did a huge booboo in their email to their customers. I won’t post details here since it’s a security issue, but if anything “please do the needful” is a very weird way to end an email. If this is their idea of exceptional…

Still, it’s currently after office hours, so we can assume that anybody, even those manning the twitter and facebook accounts for STGCC have switched off their work minds and doing what these passionate people do best – reading about how Batman has come back to life, or putting together their fresh out of the box Gundam model, or even firing up some Scott Pilgrim on Xbox to mourn the sad loss of Scott Pilgrim vs The World from our screens (sign petition here!), so if anything we’ll have to wait for the official word tomorrow.

Be patient folks! Maybe it’s awesomer tickets – with like a barcode or free 3D glasses. Who knows?


Guys, major miscommunication with Gatecrash here… We will be working on a satisfactory solution with Gatecrash in the morning… Meanwhile, hold on tight… everything will be cleared up by tomorrow… (21 Oct 2010)… Understand only some fans are affected but we’re investigating more… Again, deeply sorry about confusion…

Looks like something is really messed up – since STGCC is saying it’s a major miscommuncation with Gatecrash. I wonder what happens if we say we tore up those tickets and they say they’re reinstated. Or if we didn’t, and they send us new ones anyway…


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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