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Don’t busk illegally at Tampines – use BeLive instead

If you’re thinking of showing your talents, but ain’t ready for the streets, BeLive might be the app for you. The made-in-Singapore “virtual busking platform” is hoping to allow anyone to start their own channel to build their own fans.

On it, streamers can receive virtual gifts – like flowers, teddy bears and mansions (?!) – from fans. Those fans will be buying these items with real cash, and the streamer gets a cut of the purchase. Looking at the samples provided, you have all types of streamers, from musicians to gymrats to binge eaters … and even coffee drinkers. The app is now available for iOS and Android

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The BeLive app might just be what some talents are looking for. After all, busking on the streets of Singapore can be a tricky affair – the weather can be pretty shit, Singaporeans will ignore you before you can even strum a note, or people just want to enjoy free entertainment. There’s also a process to get approval, in case you think you can just turn up at Tampines and panhandle your way to a world tour


In beta since February this year, the app has already attracted more than 1,000 streamers, with 300 of them streaming at least once a week, BeLive said. Currently, top buskers earn about S$400 to S$500 for a 30 min stream.

“Live streaming is the new social,” said BeLive CEO Kenneth Tan. “In China, Japan and Korea, this virtual-busking style of live streaming is the rage right now but it is still nascent in South-east Asia. We believe that this is next frontier of personal entertainment and want to put Singapore as a forerunner in what may well be the next big thing in social media and the Internet.”

With my face for radio and voice for silent television, this app probably isn’t for me – but for young budding talents and those who wish to be influencers, this might be worth a fave.


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