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Couple holds virtual wedding on Sentosa Crossing

Even as Singapore heads towards its exit from the circuit breaker period, many have already had to put their plans on hold, including couples getting married. Early on, some have turned to webcasting from their wedding hall, later, some turned to hosting it on Zoom. Now, one couple have held it at Sentosa Crossing, the Animal Crossing-version of Sentosa.

Varian and Ruoyi!

According to Sentosa, polytechnic sweethearts Varian and Rouyi originally planned to have their wedding on 30 May, but due to the Circuit Breaker measures, had to postpone the actual ceremony. Still they managed to have something very special and unique on that day instead – a wedding on virtual Sentosa, accompanied by their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Check out the videos below, they’re pretty amazing.

The wedding party.

According to Varian and Ruoyim Sentosa holds many fond memories for the couple, including date nights, birthdays and anniversary celebrations. So together with the Sentosa Development Corporation, they managed to hold their virtual wedding there instead.

And you can move the wedding from the real world, but they still managed to keep to many real-world traditions, such as a photoshoot on Sentosa Crossing on the various virtual Sentosa locations.

They also held spoke their vows at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa’s wedding aisle, together with the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

And of course, this lovely kiss. This is the cutest.

And those in attendance didn’t forget to bring their e-Angpaos.

And not forgetting the after party where the couple showed some sick moves.

No need to worry about tanlines in your wedding gown!

No word on how many Nintendo Switches Nintendo managed to sell just for this event, but honestly, it’s just so cute, and just the amount of joy we need for this period.

They even managed to recreate their actual photoshoot!

A hearty congratulations, and an blessed marriage to Varian and Ruoyi!

(Also, today is the last day for Sentosa Crossing …)


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