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Captain America and TeamCap coming to Singapore

UPDATE: There were murmurs (a since-deleted Facebook post by an editor from an online entertainment site), and now confirmation from Marvel Singapore: Captain America Chris Evans, together with Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and (half of the directing gang) Joe Russo – are making their way to the Lion City for Captain America: Civil War. When? April 21, and you can be part of the action!

It will all be part of a huge “Blue Carpet” event which will see TeamCap tour separately from TeamIronMan – just to see which group gets more support. The Blue Carpet event will be held at the skating ring – same as where Spidey held his at Marina Bay Sands – at 6pm on Apr 21, a week ahead of the movie’s premiere, and will be open to the public.

All this started with a rather cryptic tweet (and Facebook post), where it was mentioned that the “stars” will align at the Marina Bay Sands, and we’re going to get a healthy dose of #TeamCap. Back then, there was not much else to go on, but our friends at Geek Culture did come up with a range of dates and the location (that Disney did not earlier confirm). It was previously reported that it was Chris Evans alone – and now we’ve confirmed the addition of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. No sight of Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Rudd, sadly.

And that also means … no Robert Downey Jr … or Tom Holland. BUT CHRIS EVANS! PERFECT TEETH!

The event takes place less than a month after the other Chris – Mr Hemsworth – is in town. (But Thor ain’t part of this shindig.)


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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