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Gamestart 2018: Analog Edition

Gamestart is about all games, analog and digital! I’ll let someone else write about the digital stuff, because my love will always be in the analog realm. And Gamestart 2018 was a celebration of gaming, both for veteran gamers and newcomers alike.

There were of course tables for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and other Warhammer games like Shadespire. Gamersaurus was running multiple different tourneys across the weekend. I’m amazed at how many different tourneys there were actually.

Of course, Gamersaurus Rex and Games Workshop also ran the painting booth, but because I was busy with Armies on Parade, I wasn’t able to help out this weekend.

Aside from the wargaming side, there was also a very raucous section devoted to Dungeons and Dragons. The rpers really looked like they were enjoying themselves.


One thing I’d like to mention though is how impressed I am with the strength of our local gamers and game designers. There was a huge range of locally created games, and I’m sad that I didn’t get to play all of them. I was especially amused by The Singapore Dream. Of course, there were a lot of other people playing a whole plethora of different games, and really enjoying themselves.

One shout out I’d like to mention is for Daryl, of our very on herebegeeks team, who also developed a few of the games I had the good luck to try out, Overbooked and The Artemis Project.

Overbooked is a super fun placement game, with an airline theme. You place coloured passengers on seats based on the cards drawn and points are given out based on based on how the passengers are placed. I really enjoyed it, since it was both quick and easy to pick up, but also had a lot of depth and complexity based on the cards drawn.

The Artemis Project had a lot more moving parts. I get the vibe of Race for the Galaxy or maybe a bit of 7 Wonders, with the whole jockeying for position, trying to juggle all the different resources and the like. I REALLY like the dice mechanic though. Higher rolls are usually riskier but more rewarding, while lower rolls provide less value but allow you to kick someone out of position. I’m probably explaining this really badly and should find another time to do a proper review of the game.


But as you can see it gets really exciting and heated!

Anyway, that’s what I spent my time on this weekend. If you enjoy getting some games in, you can search for Singapore International Boardgames Meetup on See you guys at the next con!

PS: Here’s some more pics of the various Warhammer AOS and 40k armies if you’re interested. Sorry that I didn’t get everyone’s army; I was just wondering around over the weekend. Stay tuned in the next few days for the Armies on Parade writeup!

Warhammer 40k





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