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A Real Escape Game … In Singapore?

You might not know what it is if I referred to it as the Real Escape Game, but some of you might have played some variant of it before.

Run by, it seems, the very same folk who run it in Japan, Vivid Creations and SCRAP, Real Escape Game will run at CHIJMES from Jan 27 to 29 at various timings each day, and you can get your tickets here, starting at S$20 for the early bird special.

So what’s the Real Escape Game? Basically it’s a puzzle game requiring you to escape from a location, filled with puzzles to confound you and the friends you come along with (if they can join you). And now, after over 100,000 people have played it in Japan and China, Singapore gets to get a go at it!

If you’re still unclear, try your hand at this room escape game from way back in 2005. It’s not going to be exactly the same, of course, since you’re playing in real life and in groups and your hand isn’t a cursor, but the idea is there. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be real spooked if you were playing this alone – hopefully in a group it’s going to be better for my timid soul.

The premise of this version game is simple enough – you’re stuck in a cathedral, and you have to get out, and all you have are the wits of you and your groupmates as you solve the puzzles that have you locked within the cathedral. You can sign up in groups, but as of now, there is a chance that you will be randomly assigned to other groups. And if I haven’t made it clear – be prepared to be flummoxed. FOREVER FLUMMOXED! And have your wits tickled! But not in a humorous way!

This sounds like a really exciting proposition, but it promises to be a difficult one. Remember to bring your brains, and see you at the Real Escape Game! Need more details?

Check out their Facebook page here, and if you understand Japanese, you can check out coverage of previous events.


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