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A Good Citizen’s Bicentennial comic is a must-read

The SG Bicentennial might be behind us, but it appears the commemorations continue! A little gem of an eBook comic popped up on our radar, and it turns out illustrator and sometimes political cartoonist Dan Wong – best known for A Good Citizen – has done a historical comic.

Produced in collaboration with the SG Bicentennial Office, The Aceh Attack of 1613 is Dan Wong’s take on … the Aceh Attack of 1613. Wong promises gore, sex, and black magic, and what we get is an entertaining (and educational!) look into the early Malay Archipelago. Oddly, the book contains a disclaimer that it’s a work of fiction, though I guess it’s probably more to do with creative license.

Wong’s work is supported by fellow creators Melinda Chong and Jessin Goh, with colours by Andrea Chrisleigh Tiang, Joshua Francis, and Kari Kaiju. Local comics expert CT Lim edited the book.

Sadly, the comic isn’t available in print, and only in eBook form. But it’s free! So go ahead and click for: PDF, ePub, MOBI.

You can also check out other comics, and publications, here, also in ePub, PDF and MOBI formats. Other creators, like FSc (The Sacking of Singapore, link to PDF) and Weng Pixin (The Mandai Inferno, PDF) are also featured. Go learn some Singapore history! Who needs it to be SG Bicentennial to read cool historical comics anyway!


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