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5 Artist Alley Booths You Shouldn’t Miss at STGCC 2015

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention is in its 7th year and the improvements, while mostly subtle, have made for a better experience overall. One location which definitely feels like it is enjoying an improved experience would be the Artist Alley. Not only do the booths seem bigger, but the walking space between them has also increased, making it much easier to walk up and down the rows and rows of booths without feeling like you’re in a train at rush hour.

So since you have no reason not to visit Artist Alley at this year’s STGCC, I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting 5 booths that you should definitely check out today.


1. Global Beards – AA98

The dynamic duo of Gene Whitlock and Wayne Rée have gone from STGCC visitors to STGCC exhibitors, as they bring to you three books, “Yellow Princess: Attack of the Dinosharks”, “Pitchers” and “Prompt”! Did I say three? I meant TWO! The first run of Prompt is officially sold out!

Star Attraction: The Global Beards themselves. It’s not a beard, it’s a dream.

No, I mean the real Star Attraction: Check out Yellow Princess – it’s a really colourful little book with a really colourful short story that’s great for all ages. It retails at $12.50. There’s also other Yellow Princess merchandise for sale like badges and posters too!

Getting there: Finding booth AA98 is difficult if you can count upwards, because it’s not placed in order (technically speaking). Your best chance of finding them is heading towards the cafe/rest area at the back of the Hall and then NOT going to the cafe/rest area. Turn left and then follow the sounds of boisterous yelling and shameless advertising.


2. Kelly Bender and Seth Adams – AA96

Kelly Bender is a full-time Canadian-born, Singapore-based comic book writer. He made his STGCC debut last year with the launch of his new comic book series Starburn. It did so well that STGCC has decided that he should return to the same corner of Artist Alley that he was in last year. I mean it. It’s literally the same booth in the corner as last year.

This time around, Kelly Bender is not only the creator of the complete miniseries Starburn, but also one of the runner-ups in the Top Cow Talent Hunt this year in the writing category. He also has another titles on sale at this year’s STGCC – Snarl.

Star Attraction: It’s really hard to say which of Kelly’s published works is better – Starburn is about the adventure of a spaceship crew full of rogues in the vein of Firefly or Guardians of the Galaxy. It was originally published in 4 issues. Snarl, on the other hand, is a 40 page stand-alone crime comic.

Getting there: As I mentioned earlier, Kelly’s booth AA96 is right in the deepest corner of Artist Alley. But it’ll be worth the trip. Also, check out Seth Adams’ work while you’re there, as well as Kelvin Chan’s sketchbook and comics.


3. Outrageous Studios – AA33

I’m really, truly thrilled that STGCC continues to attract young talents from Singapore to showcase their work. Making their debut at STGCC 2015 is Outrageous Studios, which is made up of Derek Chua of Irrational Comics, and Tanky aka Tan Kwang Yang. I admit to being unable to decide who is the more talented of the two.

Tanky may not be a household name just yet, but his work has become viral on social media. Remember the SG50 picture of Singa the Courtesy Lion holding the Merlion while she spews into a toilet bowl? That’s Tanky’s work. The picture of Avengers: Civil Wok? Or the Fantastic Four sitting around a table playing mahjong? That’s Tanky’s work too.

Derek Chua is the creator of the self-published comic Roleplayers. It’s very well-written and the art style has nice and clean lines. Already there are 3 issues of the series out in print, with a fourth available online. While the original premise is about tabletop gaming, the series does diverge into other geeky interests, like cosplay.

Star Attraction: If you can only buy one thing, go with Tanky’s art prints. He’s got so much great art available, you’ll definitely find at least one print you like. However, if you have the moolah, you should definitely support local comics and show Derek the support he deserves. The first three issues can be bought as a set for $10, or 2 for $7 or $3.90 each.

Getting there: Outrageous Studios’ booth can be found at AA33. Its in the middle of the row.


4. KAA37

Also known as the booth formerly known as “The Art of K”, Keh Choon Wee is no stranger to the Artist Alley, having exhibited every year since 2013. He is selling his 4th sketchbook, several prints, postcards and original art.

Star Attraction: The Ladies of Game of Thrones print. It’s got everyone from Melisandre to the Sand Snakes to Missandei all drawn in K’s adorable style.

Getting there: Shouldn’t be too hard to find K’s booth, it’s at the edge of his row, near the Falcon’s Hanger.



5. Sonny Liew and Chan Shiuan – AA1

These two lovely people really shouldn’t need any introduction. Chan Shiuan has reprinted her extremely popular Lee Kuan Yew cosplay series of prints from last year, but also debuts a new “Makan Series” of prints which reinterprets famous local dishes in her unique style.

Sonny Liew made news earlier this year when his magnum opus, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, smashed sales records and is now in its third printing. Last I checked, all the copies he brought today were sold, which means if you want to get something from his booth, you’re left with copies of Liquid City, the comic anthology he curated, or prints of his comic book covers including Dr. Fate.

Star Attraction: Since The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is sold out (and assuming he doesn’t bring any new copies in today), then you should check out his new Dr. Fate print, making its debut at STGCC. It’s $20 for an A3 print, and it’s gorgeous.

Getting there: Sonny and Shiuan’s booth, AA1, is at the edge of their row, next to the Falcon’s Hanger.


To be honest, there are definitely more than 5 booths worth checking out this year, so bring some cash (smaller notes preferred!) and take your time walking around Artist Alley at STGCC 2015. is proud to be a supporting media of STGCC 2015.

Peter Lin

His teenage years spent nursing a giant man-crush on Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, Peter naturally found himself drawn to many other heroes who depicted strong, manly qualities, including the honour-bound warrior Worf, first Klingon in Starfleet, and the muscular rock hard abs of The Thing.

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