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2 locations and twice the fun at Star Wars Day 2019

May the 4th, or Star Wars Day, is a date no fans will forget, thanks to the pun – “May the Force be with you”.

To celebrate this special occasion, Lucasfilm Singapore’s facility – The Sandcrawler – opened its doors to Star Wars fans! The iconic building, named and designed after the huge mobile fortresses seen on the deserts of Tatooine, was the perfect location for the event.

Fans of all ages had a fun-filled day packed with activities including performances by Fightsaber Singapore, screenings of the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures and Jedi training for kids, also run by Fightsaber.

Star Wars action toys like the AT-AT walker and X-Wing Starfighter were also on display.

While those were not on sale, fans had the chance to get their hands on Star Wars merchandise during the event.

And of course, a Star Wars event will not be complete without cosplayers dressed in costumes! From stormtroopers to the galaxy’s biggest badass Darth Vader, people from young to old, donned their best outfit.


Rebel scum and Mandalorians at Cairnhill Community Club. (Photo: Clare Lee)

Meanwhile, over at another location far, far away (not that far, just Cairnhill Community Club), there was another place for fans to gather and celebrate Star Wars Day.

The tribute table to Peter Mayhew. (Photo: Clare Lee)

But perhaps the best part of it all was the tribute table to Peter Mayhew, best known as the actor behind Chewbacca, who passed away on 30 April, just a few days before Star Wars Day. RIP.

It was an emotional moment, and all in all, we definitely had fun today. After all, what’s better than celebrating Star Wars Day at Disney? We hope you had a great day like we did and May The Force Be With You!

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