Mel’s Muses: Action Figure Roundup: Revoltech Iron Man

Here’s a figure that I have been waiting forever since I saw it in a Japanese toy magazine a couple months ago. Introducing the very striking Revoltech Iron Man
Mark VI by Japanese figurine company Kaiyodo.

The Revoltech series of figures come with the unique ‘3-piece Revolver Joint’ articulation that gives them a wide range of motion and stability. This lets you come up with some really cool and varied poses.

Recently, they have managed to get the licenses for some pretty popular characters from Hollywood, like Alien and Predators to cartoons like Toy Story and of cos, Batman and Iron Man. That’s right, the Dark Knight and Shell-Head are based on their movie versions, not the comic book versions but they still look great.

Anyway, got my hands on the 6-inch Revoltech Iron Man from the second Iron Man movie and I’m very impressed. With some twisting and turning, you can pose the armored Avenger like you were Iron Man artist Salvador Larroca doing an action comic panel. Hah!

The accessories or option parts consist of several pairs of hands including ones with his familiar repulsor rays blasting outta them. There’s also a little smoke cloud that you can attach Iron Man to, so it’ll look like he’s blasting off from the ground. All very nice.

My only complaints are some very minor paint smudges, and be extra careful when you are trying to force him into certain heroic poses like the ones on the box, push too hard and the little plastic joints might snap.

For a little less than S$50, this is probably the best value for money poseable Iron Man figure out there right now. You won’t find this hiding in a briefcase, definitely belongs on any fan’s work desk, shelf or display cabinet.


Melvin Yong has worked way too long in the media and advertising industry. He now spends his time with his family, writing short horror stories and playing lots of board games.

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  1. That’s actually pretty cool! I like that it’s a slightly more economical option compared to the more ‘master-grade’ Iron Man. Not sure how they compare tho.

  2. Yah, it’s more value for money, well, depending on which toy store at china sq you go to, the price is around S$50. what’s more, the 6-inch Hasbro one you find at department stores now is already $49, definitely not as cool as the Revoltech figure. The Hasbro one is gonna be a peg warmer for sure.

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