FCBD 2011: The Amazing Spider-Man

Free Comic Book Day is upon us – have you prepared your bags and readied your membership cards just so that you can get the best loot today? If you haven’t decided to make your way down to the comic shop, maybe this can help convince you… a little writeup on Amazing Spider-Man (ASM) FCBD 2011! Many of the other stories available on FCBD are standalone, including the wonderfully written and drawn Captain America / Thor by Robert Langridge and Chris Samnee (a must get!), but FCBD2011:ASM brings us right into the middle of the crazy things occuring in ASM today.

The genius is this comic is how Dan Slott sets it right with a brand new story that still sits right up to the recent events in Spider-Man, allowing old readers to enjoy a new tale, while throwing in just enough backstory (sometimes very humourously) so that the new readers can catch up, especially with the Spider-mythos heavy Spider Island coming right up. As a current reader of ASM, it was still a fun read, and Dan Slott really is a great choice to lead the Spidey titles. Having Humberto Ramos on art is just icing on the cake, those of you following the title will know that he has a very kinetic style that is a perfect fit for Spidey. With such quality for free – what are you waiting for? Rush right down to your local FCBD equipped comic shop and get to, well, getting! And don’t forget to shop too – there’s tons of tales out there just begging to be read.

Still not convinced? There’s a preview below from the FCBD site – feel free to go over and browse to see what other comics they have!


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