Comic chunks: Sometimes We Need a Little Help

Hey guys! This week we have Witchblade #138Uncanny X-Men #528Supergirl #56Zatanna #5 and a little something that’s coming out in October after the “more” cut of this post!

This is actually one of the best places to jump in. Witchblade #138 is actually a summary of the whole Sara Pezzini saga. In fairy tale form. Yes, this issue is like a one-shot of an adaptation of the whole Witchblade series to the current arc.

I know what some of you might think of Top Cow’s series and that they’re mostly pretty with a somewhat typical storyline or plot. However, I do like Witchblade and Sara. Ok, fine. I like pointy organic armour and monsters.

With that, this issue starts with a “Once upon a time…”

The artwork is by Stjepan Sejic and if you like this prettiness, you’ll probably like his new series, “Ravine” that’s coming out uh in the future. No date is set yet but it seems to be coming soon.

At the risk of sounding like The Great Tyrant, this issue is just so pretty pretty. The medieval fantasy take on the armour and powers are just so beautiful and Jacky is so freaking hot. He looks a bit like Gambit in this version though but heh, no qualms from me.

This short fairy tale isn’t just a “one-shot” thing, at the end of it you realize that the bittersweetness of what had happened in the real present time of the Witchblade universe that called for this story.

Uncanny X-Men #528 takes Storm and Hope to Nigeria to meet a girl with emerging mutant powers. In the meantime, Bobby Drake is negotiating with a public relations officer over their whole “image” thing. To fix up the view of what the public think of the X-men, which is going to be hard since they’ve Magneto on when everyone in the world thinks he’s dead. And then Emma Frost has a nightmare. Suffice to say this issue has three stories going on. To me Hope seems a bit like Sage, being a catalyst to new mutants who need to have their powers restarted properly.

For now, it’s like a game where you need to bring her around the world to touch these emerging mutants to fix them. It is rather repetitive, like all these emergents are freaking out and hating themselves as if their powers messed with their brains or something. Meanwhile, more on Emma… Kitty Pryde manages to get a glimpse of what Emma is plotting (a murder!!) during an accidental leakage during their mind link. If you haven’t known what happened to Kitty, she’s stuck in her phased form and is now in some sort of freezer thing to keep her in one piece.

Maybe it’s because of the whole Hope running around touching people thing but it’s getting a bit boring on that point. Yes, we get the idea that she’s the savior, move along now! At least there’s something interesting going on with Emma now.

Supergirl #56 am bad comic. Supergirl meet Bizarro! Supergirl and not save Bizzaro!World. Ok, I’m stopping there. Bizarro language is pretty hard to write. Supergirl’s gone with Bizarro! Supergirl to uh, Bizzaro!World to help out since the inhabitants are getting attacked by some sort of alien army.

I think it’s like a must for all Supergirls in any form or in cameos to lament on their loneliness or their past when they had a family to look up to. Heck, in reality it seems like Supergirls nowadays angst more than Batman in regards to their whole family getting destroyed/in another dimension that doesn’t exist any more/etc.

In any case, I find it sweet that Bizarro!Superman does love his Bizarro!Supergirl like how the regular Superman loves his cousin aka Supergirl too! Try saying that sentence 5 times fast.

In translation: We're gonna die!After doing the whole missing Superman thing, Supergirl goes on to try and save them all to check out the source of the alien army. Fun note, Bizarro!Lex Luthor is in this and he’s very amusing.

I usually don’t buy Supergirl but this time I did because of Bizarro! Supergirl on the cover. The issue lets me learn more about Supergirl but the ending pisses me off because even with all her own fighting skills and whatnot, in the end she says they all need the help of Superman. Yeah, yeah, he’s awesome but the way she said it makes it seem as if Bizarro!Superman, Bizarro!Supergirl and her can’t combine their forces to fight against the main alien villain thing. Suck it up! You don’t need Superman for every single crisis!

Meanwhile, Zatanna #5 is turning out to be a sexy, sexy fun story. I didn’t pick up the previous issues until this one because DC’s summary previews said that she has a rivalry with her cousin and needs him to get out of some trouble. Coupled with the latest cover, I was curious and hoped that whoever that was groping Zatanna was not her cousin. That would seem a bit too incestuous for my tastes.

Nonetheless, woah! Hey, I didn’t know Zatanna was a cool urban fantasy sort of story. This is my first time trying her out (hur hur) since usually I read her more as cameos in other series. Like a consultant of magic and that’s it.

In the words of Zatanna: Ehs si ni yxes elbuort won.

Oh and zombies are involved in this.

For those who have been reading DC comics might also notice something coming out in late October! Action Comics #894 has a guest star… DEATH!

She’ll be meeting Lex Luthor and well… Really, who doesn’t like Death from Sandman?

With that, I leave you guys with a little video that Gail Simone herself had wrote the script and lyrics to in this episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Heh, don’t you love what the Birds of Prey are singing about?

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