Comic Chunks 2 Sep 2010: Buffy, Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman and X-Men Legacy

Hello everyone! Here’s generally bite sized review of some comics of the week that I’ve read. A warning to those who haven’t picked up any of the titles. The reviews might be a bit spoilery and I might be more than just a tad snarky.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #36. It hit me that the cover parody of Twilight’s New Moon cover poster. It means doubly to those who had been following the current arc due to a major pun. This whole issue is a flashback or rather, we’re going back in reverse to see what is up with Angel and how did they get into this mess. A dog talks to Angel and it’s from the Powers That Be. Interestingly, the scene looks familliar like it could be a reference to one of the episodes of Powerpuff Girls where the talking dog informs the girls about trouble.

Meanwhile, Spike is a captain of a space ship with alien bugs as crew. Things are getting very confusing and you really need the previous issues to read this.

It’s not a very substantial issue since it feels like a “MEANWHILE bla bla” comic where instead of a panel or page, the whole comic is supposedly to bridge us to the next part of the story.

In any case, everyone’s pissed off at Angel and things are getting ridiculous. The last page introduces us to a very familliar character that hasn’t been around for seasons. Also, might I repeat? SPIKE as a freaking CAPTAIN of a spaceship of ALIEN BUGS?!

Wonder woman #602. A total restart of Wonder Woman since this is like a different version of her even though you get glimpses of the regular Wondy now and then. I thought her outfit was pretty un-Wonder Woman and that she could probably go out with the Justice League in the new design to get some Starbucks or something. Leave the jacket off and it looks very much like how Wonder Woman is supposed to me.

There’s still time to jump on this arc since she’s learning about her roots and how she would become a heroine. Confused about the plot? It’s ok because Wonder Woman’s confused herself. She’s slowly finding out and piecing things together on what’s happening. Just join her along for the ride as you discover things with her.

Gotham City Sirens #15. Now I know why this issue’s gotten the Harley Quinn fans in a tizzy. To sum up this story in three words is, “What the heck?”. It’s turning into a bad chic lit story. I should know, I write chic lit and read tons of it in my spare time. To put it simple, it’s like a “bros over hos” story. Or since the main characters are Poison Ivy, Selina Kyle and Harley Quinn, it’s more “hos over bros” since of all things, Ivy has gotten an insane plant alien boyfriend. It’s up to Selina and Harley to convince that he’s not the guy for her and oh, to stop destroying Gotham City.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

To make things worse, Harley’s the one who is giving the speech about bad boys who don’t care about girls like them. Wrong example buckos, anyone who’s a constant Joker/Harley reader would know there’s something off with that speech of hers. GCS? Stop trying to turn into a super villain version of Sex and the City, ok? It’s not working.

X-men Legacy #239. It feels like it’s a commercial break or one of those filler episodes as Marvel finishes up the Second Coming event. It’s weird reading something that doesn’t have to do with Hope Summers now. Nonetheless, this is part two of a new arc with Rogue and Magneto as the lead. A recap: The two of them have brought some of the younger X-men on an excursion to India to accompany Paras.

The plot twist is that Paras is to take over his brother’s position in marrying some girl that was arranged for him. Paras is taking over because his brother is in a coma due to electrical storms surging around the city of Mumbai. Yes, there’s a link as we get to meet Luz or as Rogue would call her, “Luisa” who suddenly appears in the city.

The whole arranged marriage deal might be a bit familiar to Asians reading this arc even if it isn’t too prevalent nowadays. What is annoying though is with Luz’s disrespectful attitude to others. It’s alright, I guess, since the other X-men and the people around her are pretty incensed with her blase attitude. And duh, duh, DUH, just as the comic ends, trouble in the shape of the Children of the Vault makes their entrance.

And that’s the weekend wrap up of comics! I’ll see you guys in the next week. And before I leave off… SPIKE AS A CAPTAIN OF ALIEN BUGS?!?! Yeah, you know what I’m harping on here. Toodles.

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