Worst 5 Geek Movies of 2010

From the best of the best to the worst of the worst; these movies are definitely geeky, but due to either high expectations or more likely absolutely disastrous directing, acting and plot, fall drastically below what we at HereBeGeeks wished they could have been. And are prime examples of what gives geek movies a bad name.

5: Skyline

Part Cloverfield, part Independance Day, Skyline is torn between the dark despair of the first and the triumph of humanity of the second, and unfortunately ends up just being a muddled mess of a movie. It starts off actually pretty watchable, and would have been a perfectly decent movie (especially on its apparently shoestring budget) if it didn’t stagnate in the middle, try to salvage itself and then succumb to the worst possible what-the-frak ending in recent history. The only saving grace is that shiny metal aliens are always fun to watch, which earns it the dubious honour of being fifth in this list.

4: Clash of the Titans

The original was a cinematic milestone; so why should the 2010 remake be so horrendous? We’re guessing the catastrophic directing, acting and story. The plot and dialogue so derivative that even actors that know better than this (Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes) are hamstrung into delivering dead lines and monologues. It might actually be salvageable if the fight scenes and set pieces were at least good, but the fights and effects are as stony as the victims of the medusa (even in 3d). The 2010 remake had close to 30 years of special effects development compared to the 1981 original, so saying that the stop motion fights of the first Clash of the Titans movie were more fun to watch is pretty damning judgment.

3: King of Fighters

You know how trailers take the best of the movie and make you wanna watch it? I bet that even with the trailer, you WON’T want to. With Street Fighter, the Legend of Chun Li, Mortal Kombat, and other of its like already setting the bar in the ‘Computer Fighting Game Turned into Movie’ category, you’d think that it wouldn’t be possible for a movie to be worse that the viewer’s expectations. You’d be wrong. King of Fighters is a farce of a movie, not only from directing, choice of actors and story (to be expected), but also from its fight sequences and costumes. Which is strange when actors well versed in fights are part of the movie (Ray Park and Maggie Q for example). The only consolation is that maybe King of Fighters (and its Karmic counter part Tekken, also released this year) will put the final nail in the genre.

2: Resident Evil Afterlife

Speaking of the folly of ‘Fighty Games Turned into Movies’… add Resident Evil as a close relative. It’s bizarre how poorly the fourth in the Resident Evil Series turned out, since the first three were actually pretty ok (as pulp schlock goes). Not only is the plot laughable (Alice starts off the fourth movie with nigh super powers, but subsequently loses her powers in probably the most ludicrious way possible), but half of the movie looks like got ripped off the Matrix, from slow motion jumps to suited villain with slicked back hair and superpowers that weren’t really explained. It would be better if they actually improved on the aesthetic, but everything Resident Evil Afterlife does, the Matrix did better. And eleven years ago.

1: Avatar the Last Airbender

Leave it to M. Night Shyamalan to take something that I love (the cartoon series) and make something that looks similar on the outside and is yet so dead and hollow on the inside. Even ignoring all the talk about casting choice (and we’ve all heard the online furor over his casting choices)… from characters, dialogue and plot,the movie simultaeneously compresses the first season of the cartoon, while magically removing any sort of connection I had to the series. The worst part is probably how much optimism I had going in, only to have it dashed. And for that, it deserves top spot in this year’s list 5 worst geek movies.

And that’s it for our top 5 worst geek movies this year. How many more crappy 2010 movies are out there? Drop us a comment!


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  1. Dude, you nailed these. Maybe some of the worst geek movies of the century! you may have to throw Jonah Hex in there too. Thx for posting.

    1. Aren’t they just? Sigh… even with blockbusters like Ironman 2 and Crazy awesome movies like Scott Pilgrim I feel like this year was more of a bust for the geek movie than a boom. Hopefully Thor and Avengers and… whatever else comes next year will change that for 2011

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