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TRON: The redigitalizing

We now interrupt our STGCC-fest programming to talk about Tron. Tron’s probably one of the most anticipated sequels in recent memory. And with good reason, considering the amazing stuff Disney has been doing for the past few years.

We start by stepping back a few years… SCENE: 2009 San Diego Comic Con. Outside the crazy pell mell of comics and geekery that is SDCC a gem is hidden. Flynn’s Arcade, site of the original Tron movie. If people could find it, they were treated to old school arcade games, ad more importantly early concept art of the new Tron: Legacy movie. In what was probably one of the most talked about things of the year, they also brought in a full size depiction of the new light cycles. Sleek. Sexy. Black and light. People went crazy.

It’s 2010 and Disney is full bore with more crazy publicity. Flynn’s arcade returned, but not just that. This time you could walk through the arcade and get digitized, arriving in what was probably both the most awesome cinema/electronica club that ever existed. In here lucky fans got to see light suits, props, and most importantly the new trailer amidst thumping Daft Punk orchestral electronica music. As someone who experienced it first hand, I testify that it was a sight to behold.

I actually wish there was a real club like that. It was like walking into Mass Effect 2’s Afterlife (for those of you who get the reference).

Disney’s even remade part of California Theme Park to go with Tron (they call it ElecTRONica)! The Hollywood Backlot remade with Dancers, lasers, the works… it makes me wish I was in the US again. In fact, I was so hyped up by the TRON trailers that I actually went out and watched original TRON movie to get caught up. Yes, the original 1982 version.

But for those who don’t have the luxury of being in the US, we still at least have the chance to get in on the Tron-related fun action, thanks to the power of facebook. In the Tron SG fanpage you get clips of trailers, screenshots, behind the scenes photos as well as various apps that get you digitized. If you haven’t been looking forward to Tron: Legacy, I hope you are now.

The apps are actually pretty fun. You get to play around by putting your face in a Lightcycle biker (unfortunately one who gets smooshed by the bad guy). If you can, try the one where they map your face into the video. It’s pretty lol.

Incidentally, for those who are curious as to what 28 years of special effects can do to a movie, here’s a quick comparison.

Tron (1982)

Tron: Legacy (2010)

Night and day isn’t it folks? Beautiful special effects. Mind blowing aesthetic. Daft Punk. Tron: Legacy can’t come to Singapore soon enough.

Tron rezzes into Singapore 16th December.


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