The new Star Wars trailer is here, and it’s amazing

Looks like half-time just happened in some sport in America, and that means the release of a brand new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, just slightly less than two months ahead of the Singapore release of the film.

It’s a really good trailer (Force is strong with it, blah blah), with a good mix of showing you the effects, the characters – new and old, and while leaving enough open so that we can’t guess ANYTHING whatsoever about what the full plot might be. Sure, it might not have moments like “Chewie, we’re home” and the first reveal of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber – things we’ve seen in other trailers, but John Williams’ score just makes everything come together. That said, they ARE definitely milking a lot out of that scene between Ren and Finn – so expect that to be part of the climax (which will hopefully cut between the space battles as usual).

Take a look at it here:

This trailer comes right after the reveal of the new Star Wars poster. It’s an odd poster – while it’s cool to have the new characters front and centre, it’s obvious that we’re missing the Drew Struzan touch here – you can copy his work, but you can’t just do it the same way, especially if you’re just going to Photoshop it. But something more important is shared between the new poster and the new trailer – Luke Skywalker is missing. You could say that we’ve seen his hand – but what’s not to say that isn’t his hand after all?

(Image: Disney Singapore)
(Image: Disney Singapore)

Oh, and it that a Death Star I see? Or … a Starkiller? Luke Starkiller? Is Luke a planet-sized object now?

Abrams is known to try to hide things in plain sight, which means this mystery won’t be answered so soon – just till Dec 17, when it opens in Singapore, a whole day (and more, after accounting for time zone differences) ahead of the USA. HUZZAH!!

I cannot wait.


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