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That Week In Geek: MIB3

Another week, another geek, somewhat. Here’s Straits Times geek-writer extraordinaire Nicholas Yong back with another geeky story: Interviews with the cast and crew of MIB3. I was pretty excited about MIB3 returning – not because I loved MIB2, mind you, but because every bit of Josh Brolin channeling Tommy Lee Jones just seemed to struck the joy nerve. So much so that on my most recent flight to London I actually rewatched MIB 1 and 2 on the plane (also because lots of other movies were crap. Thanks SIA!). It’s nice to see how Nick Yong almost gets Josh Brolin to beat him at near the end of the article – if Josh Brolin were like mythical Chuck Norris and could beat people up over the phone. Not that that was truly about to happen (you can smell the deadpan) – but still, cool! (For the record, I did quite enjoy Brolin’s SNL gig, it wasn’t his fault there were some duds.)

Well the movie has opened here for almost 3 weeks now, but even with the presence of other competing movies like Bella and the Thor-sman, Prometheus and Madagascar 3, it still manages to hold a healthy 4th place in the box office. So: If you haven’t watched it yet, maybe this quote will pique your interest:

“We’ve corrected all those mistakes in MIB3, and it is as good as the first movie. Some say it is even better,” says Sonnenfeld.

What do you think?


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