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Scott Pilgrim vs Singapore: Finally! (And Free!)

If you’ve followed us since our inception, you’d know that one of our favourite movie of all times was Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: Director Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series of manga-sized graphic novels about a slacker dude from Canada who turns out to have amazing skillz and then finds out the secret of Zelda while fighting the seven evil exes of the girl he wants to date.

Or something like that – at any rate if you haven’t had the chance to catch Scott Pilgrim on the big screen, you can finally, finally, do so. And it’s, like, this Saturday!

NUS film society nuSTUDIOS, as part of the NUS Arts Festival 2013, will be holding the local premiere of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World at 8pm on Mar 9. Entrance is FREE, but you must sign up here. nuSTUDIOS will also have gaming booths (where hopefully you’ll get to play the wonderfully amazing Scott Pilgrim console game), which open from 6pm till screening time, and it sounds like the location will be dressed up all video game-like – so you should really check it out yourself. It’s all part of what they call a “Challenge Gauntlet” – hopefully it’ll be like American Gladiators. Except maybe with the power of self-respect. For more details: Here.

This makes me really happy – we run ran a petition to get Scott Pilgrim here (that kinda went nowhere), and even held some talks with Sinema.SG (back when it was still based at it’s original location) about screening the local premiere there (that, you guessed it, went nowhere too – we needed to stump cash up front, and as I was getting married then, it just wasn’t economically feasible. Sorry guys), so while it’s been almost 2.5 years, I’m glad it’s happening. And how much do we love Scott Pilgrim?

On the blog, it all starts with me blogging about how much I loved the trailer here. Kakita then went to Canada to do a Scott Pilgrimage. He also was in line for the launch of the ultimate volume of Scott Pilgrim, volume 6, where Ellen Wong (Knives Chau) and Bryan Lee O’Malley were both present. At our maiden (and only) SDCC, we cosplayed as Scott Pilgrim characters (my first-ever, and only, cosplay too) on top of meeting Edgar Wright (and asking him about Ant Man) and Bryan Lee O’Malley (Kakita also met Ellen again, and she remembered him, which made him all wobbly). I still wear my Scott Pilgrim and Sex Bob-omb shirts regularly. They’re epic! We also queued for hours twice – once to get into the Scott Pilgrim panel, and another to catch a free screening of the movie at SDCC itself – ahead of the general public. After all that, we also got together to reviewgitate Scott Pilgrim (giving it 9/10) and also named it our top geek movie of 2010.

And well, the entire Scott Pilgrim experience was one of our top 3 geek moments of 2010. You know, reliving 2010 again made me cut onions in my eyes.

So, I’m more than happy to say that it has my full support. Except I’m in Oman.

You, however, are probably not in Oman (unless our analytics are lying to us), so if you have nothing planned this Saturday, go check out Scott Pilgrim on the big screen! If you have something planned, go cancel it, and check out Scott Pilgrim on the big screen! Let’s see if you, like the preview audience we watched it with at SDCC 2010, would clap and laugh at every line – or even better, memorise the entire movie.

Just don’t piss off the guy next to you, and don’t forget to bring bread!


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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