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Local media, we are in you! In the midst of the political turmoil striking our nation (i.e. the General Elections) what better way to take your mind off the commotion and thrillax on Thors-Day with a cover article about the latest batch of superhero movies featuring less publicly known heroes? Us here at HereBeGeeks had the honour of being interviewed by Life! reporter Nicholas Yong, himself a fellow geek, and I think all of us had a fun time formulating answers to his queries. Once again, it’s a great honour to be interviewed amongst people like artist Sonny Liew and comic shop owners Lim Beng Ann and Bernard Ang.

It’s a little bit late now so I must apologise if you were thinking of running out to buy a copy so we could sign it. Still, if you haven’t had the chance, our good friend Sarah Coldheart was kind enough to get a transcript of it so you can get the read the entire article below in its entirety. Enjoy!

Also, tune in tomorrow morning when we have another short post about THOR! THORS-day is here!


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