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Update: Guardians Of The Galaxy coming to Singapore + how to meet them

Update 2: The “other cast” is none other than Dave Bautista, says TODAY!! He plays Drax, Saldana plays Gamora. Fun times! Looks like it’s just them and director James Gunn.

Zoe Saldana “and other cast” have been confirmed to be coming to Singapore, according to this post by Channel 5! There will be a red carpet and exclusive footage screening (not the whole movie, it seems) on July 12 at Shaw House,  where fans can meet the cast of GOTG!

Photo: Marvel
Photo: Marvel

You can win tickets to the screening: Tweet your favourite GOTG character, and why, with the hashtag #gotgch5 by July 9, 12pm – there will be 10 winners, and two of the winners will get to meet the cast personally.

The funniest thing about this whole thing? Apparently it was posted on June 23, at 530pm … and barely anybody noticed. (Probably a scheduled post, but hey, that means someone in Singapore KNEW.) Thanks to Sarah Coldheart for pointing this out!

Originally post follows:

Photo: Marvel
Photo: Marvel

Well, not quite. Guardians Of The Galaxy (GOTG) is Marvel’s next big movie, and comes on the heels of the great Captain America 2 (our review). The actors involved have huge geek cred: Zoe Saldana (Star Trek), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Lee Pace (The Hobbit) and others are all there, while geek god Nathan Fillion will be making a cameo. The director, James Gunn has done superhero action before in Super (our review), so wouldn’t it be amazing if they were all coming to Singapore?

Twitter got all a-flutter for a moment this morning when @milodrums tweeted this:

It wasn’t necessarily GOTG related, given that Lee Pace (Ronan the Accuser in GOTG) has been busy, also appearing in a new series on AMC in the US, Halt And Catch Fire. It’s unclear if that series will be coming to Singapore, but he could be doing international press for it. Also, there’s this little movie trilogy called The Hobbit. Still, this cued a mad rush to find out more, and somehow it got narrowed down to this, which makes sense, given that the movie opens July 31 in Singapore:

One things is for sure: They won’t be here on 24 July, since they’ll pretty much ALL be in London:

Then … boom. This implies that Lee Pace in headed to the Philippines instead? Well, I’m not sure what for – there are no official reports yet (or Google has failed me).

And sadly, it all ended with:

While we can’t find any confirmation on our end, with both The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days Of Future Past having events here this year – the former bringing Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx, and the latter having Hugh Jackman, Peter Dinklage and Fan Bingbing visit our shores. Both are Marvel movies, but not from Marvel Studios themselves, so I’m sure Marvel can’t just sit by and watch themselves get out-fanbased. Can a Guardians Of A Galaxy premiere / meet and greet event be held in Singapore? Well, we can only wait, and see.

Photo: Marvel
Photo: Marvel

And yep, the show has some of the best trailers. I’m trying not to watch them all so I go into the movie fresh.

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