Dum Dum Dugan and the Red Skull

Whatever fears I had about the Captain America film were swiftly dissolved as I watched the 30 second tv spot shown during the Super Bowl LXV. Not only did we finally see our beloved superhero in action, there were also lots of tidbits that die-hard fans have been looking out for.

Not least of which are the first look at the Howling Commandos!

They are, from left to right, Montgomery Falsworth, Bucky Barnes, Captain America and Dum Dum Dugan!

Okay, okay, to be fair, these aren’t the actual Howling Commandos from the comics, with only Dum Dum Dugan being the link between the comics’ incarnation and the movie. But Dugan’s look is what saves this – he is, after all, the most memorable of all the Howlers and his trademark handlebar moustache and bowler hat are left intact in the movie. Played by the reliable Neal McDonough, who looks perfect for the role of Dugan, this is one character I hope gets more than his fair share of screentime.

Dugan has been one of the few characters who have remained largely unchanged throughout the years and has come to epitomise loyalty and courage as Nick Fury’s second-in-command both as a soldier and later as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. I’m hoping his introduction in Captain America means that we’ll see him again in the Avengers and its sequels, as I have been a long-time fan of the character.

Here’s another look at the movie version of the Howlers, including (from left) French resistance ally Jacques Dernier and Japanese-American Jim Morita. Interestingly enough, while these were not members of the Howlers in the comics, they both made appearances in the title! So kudos to the screenwriters for doing their research rather than just creating new characters out of thin air.

The smug looking Brit is Montgomery Falsworth, also known as the British superhero Union Jack, a counterpart of Captain America. IMDb seems to suggest that he does take on this mantle, if not the costume itself by the end of the film.

But enough about the heroes. What’s gotten the most buzz is undoubtedly the first glimpse of the Red Skull in his diabolical entirety.


It’s no surprise, really. Such a distinctively, fearful looking visage doesn’t always translate well from comic book to the silver screen, but I have not a single complaint about this pic. It retains all the horror it should, without looking ridiculous or impractical. I think I will give one or two involuntary shudders when I first see this in the cinema, followed by the sickeningly smooth voice of Hugo Weaving.

Other wonderful tidbits from the 30 second clip include Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci putting in a surprisingly nuanced performance as Dr. Abraham Erskine, creator of the Super-Soldier formula and the unmistakable Tommy Lee Jones as Super-Soldier project lead, General Chester Phillips. But enough from me, see it for yourself if you haven’t already done so!

Peter Lin

His teenage years spent nursing a giant man-crush on Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, Peter naturally found himself drawn to many other heroes who depicted strong, manly qualities, including the honour-bound warrior Worf, first Klingon in Starfleet, and the muscular rock hard abs of The Thing.

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