Deadpool passed uncut in Singapore, rated M18

The Deadpool movie, the first superhero movie of what promises to be a very fruitful 2016, is set to open in Singapore on Feb 11 – a whole day ahead of the US. But with the promise of extreme comic-book violence that’s come to be associated with the character, will the movie be slashed up by censors?


If you were afraid that even one drop of blood will be digitised off the Singapore screens, good news! The Media Development Authority of Singapore, which does all the ratings and stuff for all media released in Singapore, has passed the movie uncut.

(Image: Fox)
(Image: Fox)

It’s also been rated M18 for “sexual scenes and violence” – perfect for a Valentine’s Day jaunt on Feb 14, as per the recommendations from the merc with a mouth himself. That is, unless, you’re not 18 yet (you’ll probably have to watch Pride And Prejudice And Zombies instead, you poor thing you + your date).

So, Singapore will get to see Deadpool in all his glory! Let us raise a chimichanga to that.


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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