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Assemble the Avengers at Orchard Road!

There was a competition last Saturday in which you had to find the Avengers along Orchard Road from 2pm to 4pm. If you were able to take a picture with all seven of them (Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury) and were the first 20 people to do so, you would win movie passes and premiums at *scape, where their redemption booth was.

98.7fm was hosting it and Divian and Jacqui were dressed as Captain America and Black Widow, hanging out in front of Ngee Ann City’s fountain.

You’d think it was easy to find all the Avengers in town but no, even if you’re in costume, you could still blend in with the crowd.

Iron Man was in front of those posh, luxury shops. Rather easy to spot him since everyone wanted a picture with him.

Hawkeye was super discreet until he held up his bow! Many people passed by him and couldn’t tell that he even had a weapon on him.

You had to cross the road to find some of them. We wondered where Thor might be.

Thor was standing/walking along the section where A&F were. I am highly amused by this considering that he is indeed quite buffer than the current models who were welcoming customers in the shop.

Not like I compared or anything…


Can you find the incredible Hulk? Heh, he would be the Avenger closest to the redemption booth.

HUAAARGH! REDEEM YOUR PRIZE THERE! I didn’t get to find Nick Fury. I learned that he was stalking around at the Heeren so I missed him when I didn’t cross the road! You can see Nick Fury in their group picture here at 98.7fm’s facebook page.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners of the Avengers scavenger hunt! It’s not easy to find them all even if it’s just at Orchard Road.

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