Universal Cosplay Ball 2023 — Strut the Red Carpet

Held at Forest Valley Hall in Mahkota Cheras on the 4th of March 2023 from 6:00-11:30pm, the Universal Cosplay Ball was an roaring success. Hosted by Universal Cosplay Convention (UCC), event attendees strutted their stuff in cosplay. The highlight of the event was the cosplay Walk of Fame. Jo Ch’ng taught line dancing lessons to interested participants, and several dance themes rotated throughout the night.

A large buffet was spread out, with options for attendees to look over before the event. During that time, a special dance was performed for everyone as they ate. A large dais stood in the center of the event hall and was the perfect place for photographs. There were also booths selling merchandise, and a special room for patron members, whom had sponsored a table at the event.

Not only that, there was a combined celebration for all the March birthday babies, and a lip sync battle — with the prior Celebrity Look Alike contest, it was an amazing way to tie it all together. Finally at 10pm, all the awards were presented — with a little Anya helping herself up onto the stage to sit — turns out she won the Best Dressed Award! Perhaps she already knew beforehand…

Cute notes <3 (Photo credit: Venus Lim @ FB)

As BLACKPINK was in the area, the Universal Cosplay Ball was another way for fans to express their love and geek out at a night to remember. UCC also collected feedback, and addressed comments in a Facebook Live video:

“Everyone took time out of their busy schedules to learn this dance in as little as 3 hours. These cosplayers are hobbyists and have learnt to waltz within such a short time to song that isn’t exactly beginner friendly.”

Ch’ng Jo

“Traditionally speaking Cosplay Ball has always been for Christmas, as it initially started off as a Christmas Ball before becoming Cosplay Ball.”

Venus Lim

The staff and organisers of the Universal Cosplay Ball 2023 (Photo credit: Venus Lim @ FB)

That said, I am eagerly looking forward to next year’s ball and I wish the entire Universal Cosplay Convention organisers and crew 頑張れ (ganbare)!


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