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SDCC Preview: IntelGameOn

Good morning Los Angeles! It’s going to be preview night at San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s definitely going to be an exciting day. We hope to get our 3G cards in order and then buckle down and have just a crazy time. I was up early today, with a touch of jetlag, and Pete had a rough night – but now he’s enjoying himself with issues of Scott Pilgrim.

We just had a short exchange with the guys from Intel (dang dang dang dang!), who will be at SDCC in a huge way to announce smart TVs, which seem to be announcing a whole new level of connectivity for your TV, powered with an Intel Atom processor.

What’s of more interest, surely, is their tie in with Dreamwork’s Megamind – scratch cards where you need to gather another 5 people with different cards and collect some sort of prize at the end of it. There’ll be other giveaways like Wacom tablets, but that looks to be the most fun thing in store… They also have a contest going on at to win laptops! Not much comic related here, but San Diego Comic-Con is a whole different monster now.

So here’s looking forward to seeing them and everything else at Comic-con – It’s On like Donkey Kong! How will we have time for everything?


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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