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Road to Comic-Con: Getting the Pieces in Place

Getting to Comic-Con sometimes feels like a battle. Resource management, rallying the troops, preparing to go to war. And it’s still surreal that we’re actually doing it, it feels almost distant and like a lifetime away, as if we were some huge mouse cursor hanging over a huge RTS with each of us going crazy trying to manage different aspects of the trip. “Work work work”. It’s after all not just about Comic-Con, since we’re flying all the way there, we do want to experience the other parts of, well California and Nevada, and that adds on to the amount of work and research that we have to do. No points for guessing where we’re going! Negative points if you guessed San Francisco.

Just today our intrepid scout Wai has made our first steps towards the frontlines, having boarded a plane northwards. He’s going to be in North America early, but he won’t be in San Diego. The other 2 of us will meet up with him in about 3 weeks (IS IT REALLY 3 WEEKS LATER!!?!) and then it’s down from LA to Comic-Con. Us soldiers are falling into position, and if we do get the grand chance of joining up with POW Entertainment, the honour is all ours and we will bravely fight together.

When it rains, it pours. This isn’t some message about the current totally-gone-bonkers Singapore weather (which I appreciate), but really about how when some things come together, you end up getting a little confused on what to go for. Getting tickets for SDCC, which I have mentioned earlier, hasn’t been easy. On top of deciding late (to us it was early), trawling eBay for “badges” has been an exercise in futility, what with people willing to pay up to USD$700 per badge. That’s totally insane! But this is SDCC, and SDCC is war – we had to pull out all the stops to try to get badges in somehow. The first thing we did was we tried approaching people in the industry, but it didn’t feel right, and how do you really grow thick enough skin to do it? Still, much props to the people from IDW who were really helpful in their own way, you guys were great, and we didn’t want to be all greedy. Then things were on pause for a while, after which Comic-con Doc came along (sounds like we’ve missed the boat for that?) which was just really a huge chance for us – even without tickets it would have been amazing to be on it. I still dream about going mad and having it on film, haha. We’ll still probably do that, but with a less professional camera crew (i.e. me). Then it was the eBay scouring, which lead nowhere fast given how there were people with more money and more hunger (well, mostly more money, we were kinda desperate already). But thank God new options came into play and this time, we made the jump for everything, and hopefully we’re nice and protected now, without actually losing any crazy money. I’m honestly not sure how much we can talk about it now, given that something is still a little unconfirmed – but suffice to say we’ll be there for all 4 days, and for preview night!

And that’s just awesome.

So HereBeGeeks is out there to somehow “win” the war that is Comic-Con, maybe by meeting as many celebrities as possible, or by getting as much merch as possible – who knows? If you got a point system to suggest, do recommend it, and we’ll see who wins.


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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