Pop-Culture Events in Asia for 2023

It's time to start scheduling your free time off around these already announced pop-culture events happening around Asia!

It’s about time that we started getting some big announcements for pop-culture conventions around Asia in 2023 and here are a few that you might have missed, not known about or are just getting back into the mood for travel. Be sure to check them out and see if you’ve got some spare frequent flyer miles to spend to visit these awesome conventions!

Ani Ani Festival (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

AniAni Festival #3 happening in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Shaping up to be the largest anime, cosplay and artist convention in Vietnam, AniAni Festival will be having its third major event in on March 26th in Ho Chi Minh City. With international artists and cosplayers invited to grace the event, AniAni Festival is definitely a ‘newer’ event to add to your convention circuit in South East Asia!

Find out more on their Facebook page –

Comic Frontier aka Comifuro (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Comifuro, the ID version of Comiket happening in Jakarta, Indonesia

Originally slated for March, unforeseen issues forced the organizers to push the event to May 6th & 7th. Pretty much touted to be Indonesia’s example of Comiket, Comifuro usually sees a massive turnout of event goers eager to get their hands on the latest doujins, fanart and cosplayer merch. (Last year’s photos really showed massive crowds so go prepared!)

It’s still expected to be a great experience to get to see regional artists that may not get beyond Indonesia’s shores so if you’ve got the time, schedule Comifuro into your event calendar too!

Find out what to expect through their Facebook –

CONQuest Festival (Manila, Philippines)

CONQuest Festival Happening in Manila, Philippines

Seriously I’d say this is the most exciting pop-culture event in the region if your PC or mobile device has any of the following – Twitch, YouTube, Wild Rift, MLBB or even Discord. CONQuest Festival is going bigger this year with even more invited international guests as well as expanding their venue size in order to add even more content – the event itself has expanded from two days in 2022 to a three day bonanza for event goers.

The first wave of announced guests for CONQuest Festival

Find out more about the offerings and grab your tickets (and your flights) for June 2nd to 4th if you want to really experience a high tier pop-culture event and see some of your favourite online personalities!

Find out more on their Facebook page –

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show (Sydney, Australia)

SMASH! Sydney is definitely happening in Sydney, Australia

Don’t miss out on events Down Under with the SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show happening on July 1st & 2nd at the ICC Sydney, right by Darling Harbour and with Sydney’s Chinatown super close by!

So far we’re still waiting on the official announcements for their invited guests but if there’s anything to go by 2022’s guest list (which included the awesome guys from Trash Taste!) then this event is also one you really won’t want to miss!

Stay tuned for more details on their Facebook –

AFA Creators Super Fest 2023 (Singapore)

The first ever Creators Super Fest by AFA in Singapore. What?!

Previously an event that saw iterations in Indonesia and the Philippines, the team from Anime Festival Asia is looking to relaunch the Creators Super Fest from homeground right here in Singapore! Slated for July 22nd & 23rd, event goers are bound to expect the same level of content to excite us before AFA comes round way later in November.

Information just dropped so there isn’t much but we’ll be sure to update with another article when the international guests, artists & perhaps even more are revealed later on!

To keep track of what’s going to drop at Creators Super Fest SG, be sure to follow on Facebook –

But that’s not all

These are just some of the amazing events that will be happening around the region in the first half of 2023, which makes it a good time to warm up your engines before the later half drops with even more conventions to vie for your time & wallet.


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